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Title:  Integrated Sensors : how leveraging the endless miniaturization to tackle the challenges of acquisition


Sensors are systems combining transduction and signal conditioning. The micro-nano technology processes have led to the miniaturization of the integrated circuits and MEMS. Beyond the dramatic reduction of the size of the sensors, the miniaturization of their fabrication also offers opportunity to address the challenge of performance, costs and robustness. Three use-cases -mechanical sensors, optical sensors, image sensors-  illustrate the levers offered by the miniaturization in the design of MOEMS. In conclusion, the need for a design global approach in the miniaturization of sensors, i.e. including digital signal processing, is highlighted.


Antoine Dupret

Antoine Dupret ( graduated in electrical engineering from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and Université de Paris Sud 11, France (MS 91, PhD 95). He was assistant professor with the Université de Paris 13, then full professor at ESIEE Engineering in 2009. He joined CEA in 2010 as senior expert in Image Sensors, then was the head of the Sensor Integration and Reliability Lab. He now is in charge of industrial partnership and is Research Director and Leti Fellow. He is author or co-author of over 100 papers in International Conferences and Journals. He has served and serves as technical program member and as program chair in several international conferences.