EHS, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility in the Global Semiconductor Value Chain

If you're ever wondered how our partners and customers are promoting EHS, sustainability, and corporate responsibility in their companies and associations, we just made is easy to find out. Please find the relevant links below.

Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC)

Sustainability in Global Electronics Supply Chain

World Semiconductor Council (WSC)

Environment Safety and Health Activities

Guiding Principles

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

Environment, Safety & Health

European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA)

Environment, Safety & Health Activities

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA)

Environment, Safety, and Health Committee

Intel Corporation

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Innovation

Intel in Healthcare

Community Involvement


Corporate Citizenship

Environmental & Social Report

Texas Instruments (TI)

Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Corporate Citizenship Report

ST Microelectronics

Corporate Responsibility Report

Toshiba Corporation

Social and Environmental Activities

Environmental Management

Social Performance

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Environmental, Safety and Health


Sustainability Management

Renesas Technology Corporation

Environmental Activity

Freescale, Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

NXP Semiconductors

Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability

Sony Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility

NEC Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Activities


Corporate Responsibility

AMD Green

People First

Micron Technology, Inc.

Environmental and Safety Policy

Micron Foundation

Qimonda AG

Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting the Environment

Infineon Technologies AG

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Social and Human Commitment

Qualcomm Incorporated

Environmental Health and Safety

Corporate Responsibility


Environmental Activities

Corporate Citizenship


Environmental Activities

Sustainable Business Management

Matsushita Electric Industrial / Panasonic

Environmental Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For more information about the EHS, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility in the Global Care Community, please click here.