Resources for Global Care Members

Resources for Global Care Members


Global Care is a partnership of companies in the semiconductor industry committed to the environment, health and safety. Its members vary widely: they range in size from large multibillion dollar companies to the smallest of companies; some have extensive EHS staffs and others do not have even one dedicated EHS expert; their products and services cover everything needed to produce a packaged chip from sand and other raw materials; and members may be located in any of many regions around the world.

Thanks to this diversity, Global Care and its member companies can offer a wide range of experts willing to help you honor the five Global Care principles.

In particular, if you are a small or medium sized company and a Global Care member, look to Global Care for mentoring assistance from people who have practical experience in improving EHS management policies, practices and systems.

Ask SEMI to make the contact for you.

EHS Success Stories

Read the growing collection of EHS Success Stories from Global Care members for inspiration and ideas for practical ways that you may be able to implement in your own company to improve EHS performance.

Guidance Documents

Current Global Care members are working on Guidance Notes aimed specifically to help small and medium companies to implement their commitment to the environment, health and safety.

A draft is available on request for any Global Care member.

Global Care members who would like to participate in developing guidance tools for the Global Care membership should contact SEMI.

Thoughts on the Environment, Health and Safety, and Business and Society

Many business leaders and experts of various kinds, some in the semiconductor industry, have gone on record with their thoughts about various aspects of the relationship between EHS, business, and society. Some of these thoughts are collected here. The opinions of these commentators are not necessarily shared by SEMI.

Links to Web Resources of Help and Interest to Global Care Members

There is a wide range of resources that can be of use to Global Care members in planning their own activities related to their EHS commitment. Click here to access links.

Additional Resources Coming Soon

We will be adding additional resources soon including a bibliography of recommended reading on related topics.

If you would like to contribute to any of these resources, please send your contributions to SEMI. Also, if you have ideas for other resources that may benefit Global Care members, please let us know.