Akira Inoue Award


For Outstanding Achievement in Environment, Health, and Safety in the Semiconductor Industry

The Akira Inoue Award was established by SEMI to recognize individuals in industry and academia, who have made significant contributions to the semiconductor industry and to society in the area of environment, health and safety. The Award honors individuals who show outstanding leadership in influencing the industry's EHS performance, and individuals who are responsible for successful process, product or material innovations that improve the industry's EHS record.

The award is named after the late Akira Inoue, past president and representative director of Tokyo Electron Limited and a former member of the SEMI Board of Directors. Akira Inoue was a champion of environmental protection and employee health and safety within the semiconductor industry. He encouraged semiconductor equipment and material suppliers, laboratories, chip manufacturers, related industry associations and government organizations to collaborate on EHS development. His efforts were instrumental in establishing the SEMI EHS Division. Mr. Inoue was an impassioned and articulate advocate of environmental responsibility and truly believed that it must permeate our industry. He felt that environmental health and safety issues should be considered for the long term, and that the current generation must not leave a tremendous bill to be paid in the future by our children and grandchildren.

The Akira Inoue Award runs on an annual cycle. Nominations can be submitted at any time, however nominations close each year on an announced date usually in late July or early August. Please click here to submit a nomination. Official rules for the Award are provided with the nomination form.

Awards To Date

  • Richard Templeton, president and CEO of Texas Instruments, at SEMICON Japan 2007
  • Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang, president and CEO of the Semiconductor Business of Samsung Electronics and business director of the Memory Division, at SEMICON Japan 2006
  • Gerald G Ermentrout, vice president and general manager of Air Products’ Electronics Division, at SEMICON Japan 2005
  • Isao Uchigasaki, chairman of the board of the Hitachi Chemical Company, at SEMICON Japan 2004
  • Saburo Kusama, president of Seiko Epson Corporation, at SEMICON Japan 2003
  • Dr. Farhang Shadman, Director of the Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing at the University of Arizona, at SEMICON Japan 2002
  • Dr. Craig R. Barrett, CEO of Intel, at SEMICON Japan 2001
  • Pasquale Pistorio, CEO of STMicroelectronics, at SEMICON Japan 2000

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