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SEMI Works is a comprehensive approach to developing the talent pipeline for the semiconductor industry by connecting industry, talent and education. We connect the workforce needs with the education system to ensure skilled workers for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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SEMI Certs

SEMI Certs identifies required skills, aligns courses with those skills and collect is all in a portal accessible to industry, educators and career counselors.

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On-the-job training provides career pathways for lifelong learning and re-skilling

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SEMI Works is carefully designed to scale easily with partners in the education community.

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Why SEMI is Involved

SEMI recognizes that the industry needs access to retaining and training required talent, an Increasing challenge and top priority for our members. SEMI Works is a comprehensive method of aligning education and training with the industry talent pipeline needs.


Benefits of SEMI Works

Greater alignment between courses and industry requirements
A scalable process to ensure alignment between training/educational provider and industry.
The ability to match courses to those seeking training, stable careers, and upward mobility
Careers for the 21 first century and beyond
A higher skilled workforce for a foundational and critical important industry.

Products & Services

Staff Contacts

Mike Russo

Vice President - Industry Advancement & Government Programs

Robert Weinman

Program Manager, Grants & Talent Development

Nikki Zaahir

Senior Administrator of Government Programs

Bryan Sanchinell

Director of Government Grants and Workforce Programs

Sponsors & Funders