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China IC Ecosystem Report, 2019 Edition

A comprehensive research report covers the in-depth analysis of China's wide-ranging IC manufacturing ecosystem within the global semiconductor industry.

Industry Leaders


Presentations covering recent China activities.

Public Policy


Associations and organizations that follow and report on activities in China


Recent News

China struggling with semiconductor self-sufficiency (Taiwan News; May 10, 2021)

Semiconductor shortage sees China’s carmakers, chip suppliers join forces to tackle the problem (South China Morning Post; May 9, 2021)

With TSMC, ASML and Intel nowhere to be seen, China’s small semiconductor players take centre stage at industry expo (South China Morning Post; May 7, 2021)

China semiconductor imports decline slightly in April, but global chip sales continue to boom (South China Morning Post; May 7, 2021)

‘We’re in a competition with China’: Sen. Cornyn holds semiconductor shortage roundtable in Dallas (The Dallas Morning News; May 6, 2021)

Kissinger warns China and US to guard against all-out artificial intelligence conflict (South China Morning Post; Apr 30, 2021)

Taiwan bans recruiters from posting for jobs in China, as it tries to stop semiconductor staff departures (Data Center Dynamics; Apr 30, 2021)

Taiwan says China is stealing technology and poaching engineers from the island (South China Morning Post; Apr 29, 2021)

China is scrambling for semiconductor supremacy (Wired; Apr 29, 2021)

US-China tech war: congressional think tank urges Biden to team up with Japan, EU to counter Beijing’s semiconductor push (South China Morning Post; Apr 23, 2021)

Semiconductor-starved mainland China seen driving long-term surge in exports from Taiwan (South China Morning Post; Apr 23, 2021)

TSMC founder Morris Chang says China’s semiconductor industry still five years behind despite decades of subsidies (Yahoo News Singapore; Apr 22, 2021)

US-China tech war: semiconductor supply chain risks a worry for both sides (South China Morning Post; Apr 21, 2021)

China chips away at semiconductor woes (China Daily; Apr 19, 2021)

China’s state semiconductor fund trims holdings in SMIC as Beijing focuses on next wave of development (South China Morning Post; Apr 16, 2021)

Congressmen ask Biden admin to keep chip design software away from China (Ars Technica; Apr 16, 2021)

China's Huawei Blames Global Chip Shortage on U.S. Sanctions (NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth; Apr 12, 2021)

China’s Growth Set to Drive World Economy in Post-Pandemic Years (Bloomberg News; Apr 6, 2021)

China's services sector recovery accelerates in March (Reuters; Apr 5, 2021) 

China semiconductors: SMIC cements its role as Beijing’s best hope in chips despite US restrictions (South China Morning Post; Apr 1, 2021)

China pushed to ‘poach’ Taiwan’s semiconductor technology, talent by US-China trade war, economy minister says (South China Morning Post; Mar 31, 2021)

INSIGHTS - Automakers scramble for chips (TechNode; Mar 29, 2021)

China’s semiconductors: How Wuhan’s challenger to Chinese chip champion SMIC turned from dream to nightmare (South China Morning Post; Mar 20, 2021)

China’s top chipmaker to build a $2.35 billion plant with government funding (CNBC; Mar 18, 2021)

Huawei listed anew as threat to US national security (Intellasia; Mar 15, 2021)

Republicans Push Biden to Take Aggressive Stance Toward China (The Wall Street Journal; Mar 15, 2021)

Xiaomi Wins Court Ruling Halting U.S. Investment Ban (The Wall Street Journal; Mar 12, 2021)

China exports post record surge from Covid-depressed 2020 levels (The Daily Star; Mar 8, 2021)

China’s semiconductor imports surged year-on-year in January-February period amid global chip shortage (South China Morning Post; Mar 8, 2021)

China will use aging chips while its semiconductor industry catches up (TechSpot; Mar 5, 2021)

Where China is investing in semiconductors, in charts (TechNode; Mar 4, 2021)

China’s ambitions threatened by US equipment ban (Asia Times; Mar 3, 2021)

U.S. panel recommends export 'choke points' to prevent Chinese dominance in semiconductors (Reuters; Mar 1, 2021)

Chinese ministry calls for supply chain resiliency, without mentioning chip production targets (CNBC; Mar 1, 2021)

China’s most important chipmaker SMIC could be a big winner from the global semiconductor shortage (CNBC; Mar 1, 2021)

China will ‘vigorously support’ semiconductor industry, IT ministry head says, as country seeks self-sufficiency in chip-making (South China Morning Post; Mar 1, 2021)

China’s R&D Spending Rises 10% to Record $378 Billion in 2020 (Bloomberg; Feb 28, 2021)

Troubled Chinese semiconductor plant has ‘no plans’ to resume operations, 240 lose their jobs (South China Morning Post; Feb 27, 2021)

China to strengthen sci-tech innovation in integrated circuits: official (China Daily; Feb 26, 2021)

Exclusive: China’s Huawei, reeling from U.S. sanctions, plans foray into EVs – sources (Global Banking & Finance Review; Feb 26, 2021)

IMEC helps China’s Wuxi city in IC industry (JW insights; Feb 26, 2021)

China chases semiconductor self-sufficiency (East Asia Forum; Feb 22, 2021)

Huawei unveils new foldable phone despite a growing chip deficit (BNN Bloomberg; Feb 22, 2021)

China made 6% of chips it used in 2020: report (TechNode; Feb 19, 2021)

US-China tech war: US chip innovation is hurt by Beijing’s ‘mercantilist’ strategies, Washington think tank says (South China Morning Post; Feb 18, 2021)

Semiconductors and the U.S.-China Innovation Race (Foreign Policy; Feb 16, 2021)

China overtakes U.S. as Europe’s main trading partner for the first time (CNBC; Feb 16, 2021)

Why Huawei’s founder is sticking with premium smartphones even as sales decline amid US sanctions (South China Morning Post; Feb 15, 2021)

US to look at more restrictions on tech exports to China (Intellasia; Feb 12, 2021)

Chip supply shortfall inhibits security equipment makers in China (Global Times; Feb 8, 2021)

China Turns Semiconductors Into The ‘New Oil’ While GM Runs Out Of Chips (Forbes; Feb 7, 2021)

China semiconductors: Beijing moves to prevent tax incentive abuse with new policy draft (South China Morning Post; Feb 5, 2021)

China Stockpiles Chips, Chip-Making Machines to Resist U.S. (Bloomberg News; Feb 2, 2021)

Huawei, Xiaomi, SMIC and 87 other Chinese firms collaborate to grow the local semiconductor industry (Gizmochina; Feb 1, 2021)

China aims to strengthen its semiconductor supply chain with new standards group that includes Huawei, SMIC (South China Morning Post; Jan 29, 2021)

Taiwan’s GDP growth outpaces China’s for first time in 30 years (The Edge Markets; Jan 29, 2021)

Nation to help tackle more global tech issues, expert says (China Daily; Jan 26, 2021)

SMIC urges China’s chipmakers to embrace advanced packaging as Moore’s Law slows nanometre node progress and US sanctions bite (South China Morning Post; Jan 25, 2021)

Nissan flips the switch on electric reboot in China (Yahoo! Finance; Jan 25, 2021)

Global chip shortage puts car supply chain under the microscope (Today Headline; Jan 25, 2021)

Global chip shortage hits China’s bitcoin mining sector (Malay Mail; Jan 22, 2021)

China’s car-chip shortage could persist for as long as a decade (The Edge Markets; Jan 19, 2021)

China boosts semiconductor production in 2020, but imports keep apace, frustrating self-sufficiency goals (South China Morning Post; Jan 19, 2021)

China Debuts First 7nm Data Center GPU To Rival Nvidia, AMD (Tom's Hardware; Jan 18, 2021)

Trump Admin Slams China's Huawei, Halting Shipments From Intel, Others (Newsmax; Jan 18, 2021)

Trump's China tech war contributes to automakers' chip shortage (MSN; Jan 18, 2021)

Toyota resumes some production lines in China after temporary suspension (The Economic Times; Jan 12, 2021)

Chinese chipmakers eye global glory (China Daily; Jan 11, 2021)

Multinationals boost presence in country (China Daily; Jan 11, 2021)

'Hard tech' seen as key to latest innovation (China Daily; Jan 11, 2021)

China's Chip-Independence Goals Helped by U.S.-Developed Tech (Market Screener; Jan 11, 2021)

China’s Horizon Robotics Raises $400 Million to Develop Autonomous Driving Chips (Caixin Global; Jan 8, 2021)

Lagging but motivated: The state of China's semiconductor industry (Brookings Institute; Jan 7, 2021)

China Aims To Dominate Flash Memory (Forbes; Jan 4, 2021)

Industrial, supply chains to get big boost (China Daily, Dec 22, 2020)

China strikes triumphal note over economic recovery as it looks to cut reliance on US technology (Intellasia; Dec 22, 2020)

VW to cut production in China because of chip shortages (China Daily; Dec 21, 2020)

China seeks Taiwan research talents in semiconductor industry (ThinkChina; Dec 21, 2020)

China’s Xi Jinping seeks advantage over Biden with ground-breaking EU investment deal (NorvanReports; Dec 21, 2020)

SMIC ban by the U.S. will affect advanced chip development (Gizmochina; Dec 21, 2020)

US adds China’s largest chipmaker to export blacklist (China Economic Review; Dec 21, 2020)

Chinese chipmaker SMIC says US sanctions mean it will struggle to develop 10nm products (Techstreet Now; Dec 20, 2020)

China’s Drive to Make Semiconductor Chips Is Failing (Foreign Policy; Dec 14, 2020)

China’s chip dreams face reality check with Biden’s united front approach and realisation that money can’t buy success (South China Morning Post; Dec 13, 2020)

Can China Become Self-reliant in Semiconductors? (Voice of America; Dec 11, 2020)

Unigroup $2.5B default another setback to China's chip plans (Light Reading; Dec 11, 2020)

Samsung Display Noida to receive special incentives for relocating its production unit from China (The New Indian Express; Dec 11, 2020)

Semiconductor software design start-up X-Epic secures US$30mn in new investment amid China’s ongoing self-reliance drive (South China Morning Post; Dec 9, 2020)

Chinese Researchers Claim Quantum Supremacy Breakthrough (; Dec 7, 2020)

Huawei ban timeline: Company is reportedly willing to meet Sweden's 5G terms (CNET; Dec 7, 2020)

CEOs Are Increasingly Optimistic about Doing Business in China During Biden Presidency (Jacksonville Free Press; Dec 7, 2020)

China’s chip industry eyes advanced breakthroughs in the coming year (Total Telecom; Dec 7, 2020)

China’s car production gets impacted due to chip shortage (Gizmochina; Dec 7, 2020)

U.S. Adds SMIC and other Chinese Entities to List of Military Companies (SAYARI; Dec 7, 2020)

China’s Top Chipmaker SMIC & Oil Giant CNOOC “Shocked” Over Trump Blacklisting (Nation and State; Dec 4, 2020)

US turns up heat on China's biggest chip-maker (BBC News; Dec 4, 2020)

China’s pivot towards domestic-driven growth: not as easy as Xi hopes (Global Risk Insights, Dec 1, 2020)

President Trump set to add China's SMIC and CNOOC to defense blacklist, says report (The Economic Times; Nov 30, 2020)

Innovation should lead high-tech growth (China Daily; Nov 30, 2020)

Xiaomi’s revenue grows fastest in two years after Huawei slides (Live Mint; Nov 24, 2020

China’s stumbling sprint to semiconductor self-sufficiency (Communications Today; Nov 24, 2020)

Is China Giving Up On Chips? (Electronics Weekly; Nov 24, 2020)

Debt-Ridden China HSMC Faces Restructuring (EE Times Asia; Nov 24, 2020)

Samsung records a surge in 14nm chip orders from China – Digitimes (Gizmochina; Nov 23, 2020)

Major setbacks in China’s efforts to boost chip industry (Bits & Chips; Nov 23, 2020)

SK Hynix begins to transfer 200B won worth of equipment to China (i-Micronews; Nov 20, 2020)

Manufacturing Output: China And US To Lead The Way In Accelerated Global Recovery From COVID-19 Shock (Interact Analysis; Nov 20, 2020)

China’s semiconductor dream takes a hit as local authority takes over ‘nightmare’ Wuhan factory (South China Morning Post; Nov 18, 2020)

China Spends Big on Semiconductor Development, but Frontrunners Stumble (China Digital Times; Nov 18, 2020)

In Bid to Rely Less on US, China Firms Stockpile Taiwan Tech Hardware (Voice of America; Nov 18, 2020)

Is ‘All Made in China’ the Right Strategy? (EE Times Asia; Nov 17, 2020)

‘The zoom boom’: Asia leads the world in covid-19 economic recovery (LiveMint; Nov 16, 2020)

China to achieve self-reliance in 28-nm chip production within two years (Communications Today; Nov. 16, 2020)

Qualcomm receives U.S. permission to sell 4G chips to Huawei in exception to ban (The Daily Star; Nov. 16, 2020)

China’s semiconductor gold rush: A reality check (South China Morning Post; Nov 15, 2020)

Materials, equipment 'bottlenecks' for Chinese chip sector: experts (Global Times; Nov 15, 2020) 

China eyeing AI to dominate cyberspace and space, think tank says (The Japan Times; Nov 13, 2020)

China hoping for a more constructive relationship with US post-Trump (Disruptive.Asia; Nov 10, 2020)

China’s semiconductor industry sees 5G, AI applications driving opportunities for domestic substitutes amid US tech restrictions, says KPMG (South China Morning Post; Nov 9, 2020)

SK Hynix Begins to Transfer 200 Bil. Won Worth of Equipment to China (Business Korea; Nov 9, 2020)

China’s Tech Industry Relieved By Joe Biden US Election Win (How Africa; Nov 9, 2020)

A Divided Washington Is (Sort of) United on China (Foreign Policy; Nov 9, 2020)

China’s semiconductors: Latest US export controls may hinder ambitions to catch up (South China Morning Post; Nov 5, 2020)

Nanjing launches chip university in bid to fill China’s semiconductor talent gap (SupChina; Nov 5, 2020)

China’s tech R&D to go into overdrive as five-year plan seeks self-reliance, more innovation (South China Morning Post; Nov 2, 2020)

China 5 Year Plan Says 'Prepare for War' (Newsmax; Nov 2, 2020)

Huawei bats for China chip plant amid US sanctions: Report (Gadgets Now; Nov 2, 2020)

Key meeting set to address domestic, external challenges (Global Times; Oct 26, 2020)

Italy reportedly blocks Huawei 5G deal as Bulgaria joins US ‘clean network’ scheme (; Oct 26, 2020)

China’s top leaders meet this week to plan for the next five years. Here’s what to expect (CNBC; Oct 25, 2020)

Bloomberg New Economy: Semiconductors Are China’s Choke Point (Bloomberg; Oct 24, 2020)

Huawei’s growth slows sharply as U.S. sanctions bite (CNBC; Oct 23, 2020)

US And China In Battle For Semiconductor Supremacy (International Business Times; Oct 22, 2020)

Semiconductor tech trends favor China (Nikkei Asia; Oct. 21, 2020)

China to curb ‘chaos’ in semiconductor industry and hold bosses accountable for risky, loss-making projects (South China Morning Post; Oct 20, 2020)

Dual circulation model an engine to China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (Global Times; Oct 20, 2020)

Amid row with US, China passes new export law (Qatar Tribune; Oct 19, 2020)

China tells U.S. companies that they are welcome in its market (U.S. News & World Report; Oct 19, 2020)

India China war situation is affecting the Electronic industry. How will the industry manage the loss? (Bisinfotech; Oct 19, 2020)

US to offer loans to lure developing countries away from Chinese telecom gear (Mint; Oct 19, 2020)

US sanctions turn up heat but Huawei serving European 5G clients, executive says (The Standard; Oct 12, 2020)

Reforms set to sharpen Shenzhen’s edge (Global Times; Oct 12, 2020)

Huawei value declined 8% to $160 billion on US sanctions: report (technode; Oct 12, 2020)

Taiwan chip firms feeling heat as US throttles China’s Huawei (Intellasia; Oct 6, 2020)

China’s Semiconductor Industry to Brace for Impact as SMIC Assesses Export Restrictions Placed by U.S., Says TrendForce (EMS Now; Oct 6, 2020)

Report: Micron warns Chinese DRAM maker may infringe (eeNews Analog; Oct 6, 2020)

China must become self-reliant in key technology to be secure, says military newspaper (Yahoo! News; Oct 6, 2020)

IC substrate makers to stay put in Taiwan for capacity expansions (DIGITIMES; Oct 6, 2020)

China’s way out of intensifying race along global supply chain in post-COVID19 era (Observer Research Foundation; Oct 6, 2020)

U.S. sanctions on chipmaker SMIC hit at the very heart of China’s tech ambitions (CNBC; Sep 28, 2020)

China eyeing self-supply more on 5G base station and server chips (DigiTimes; Sep 28, 2020)

US restrictions could hamper China’s plans for a self-reliant semiconductor sector (South China Morning Post; Sep 27, 2020)

Insight from Shanghai: China chases new economic model with high-tech infrastructure push (Hellenic Shipping News; Sep 26, 2020)

Potential US ban on SMIC could choke China's semiconductor supply chain (S&P Global Market Intelligence; Sep 22, 2020)

China releases details on its own blacklist, raising uncertainty for foreign businesses (CNBC; Sep 21, 2020)

Global semiconductor race speeding up (The Star; Sep 19, 2020)

A brewing U.S.-China tech cold war rattles the semiconductor industry (CNBC; Sep 18, 2020)

German chipmaker Infineon prepared to handle increased competition from China, CEO says (CNBC; Sep 17, 2020)

Nvidia's $40 billion Arm deal might hit a snag with China (CNN; Sep 17, 2020)

The U.S. has nailed Chinese companies this year. Why hasn’t Beijing retaliated? (Fortune; Sep 17, 2020)

Huawei is now cut off from advanced semiconductors. What happens next? (SupChina; Sep 16, 2020)

Can Huawei survive the U.S. chip ban? (CGTN; Sep 16, 2020)

How is China finding the talent to become a self-reliant chipmaker? (CGTN; Sep 15, 2020)

'Nvidia's acquisition of Arm unlikely to get early China OK (The Korea Times; Sep 15, 2020)

China's SMIC applies to renew licence to supply Huawei: state media (Reuters; Sep 15, 2020)

Huawei’s Survival at Stake as US Sanctions Loom (VOA News; Sep 14, 2020)

China wants its semiconductor industry to catch up with the U.S. — but that won’t be easy (CNBC; Sep 13, 2020)

China's most ambitious semiconductor investment project halted (Taiwan Times; Sep 10, 2020)

Chinese Chipmaker Denies Military Ties as US Steps Up Feud (; Sep 8, 2020)

Samsung, SK Hynix to suspend trade with Huawei (Breitbart; Sep 8, 2020)

Proposed US curbs on Chinese chipmaker SMIC could rattle supply chains (Channel News Asia; Sep 8, 2020)

US sanction threat wipes 23% off the value of China's biggest chipmaker (CNN; Sep 7, 2020)

U.S. considers blacklisting China’s largest chipmaker as tech tensions escalate (CNBC; Sep 5, 2020)

China to plan sweeping support for semiconductor sector to counter Trump (Hindustan Times; Sep 3, 2020)

China plans new policies to develop domestic semiconductor industry: Bloomberg (Reuters; Sep 2, 2020)

China witnesses uptick in air cargo as economic activity resumes (China Daily; Aug 31, 2020)

China's integrated circuit industry sees rapid growth in H1 (China Daily; Aug 31, 2020)

U.S. crackdowns on Huawei prompt chip stockpiling, proposed aid not enough: VLSI Research (MSN; Aug 31, 2020)

20 ways to beat China with technology, culture and policy (Fierce Electronics; Aug 31, 2020)

China’s Chip Executives Worry They’re Next on U.S. Hit List (Bloomberg; Aug 30, 2020)

China’s semiconductor drive stalls in Wuhan, exposing gap in hi-tech production capabilities (South China Morning Post; Aug 28, 2020)

Huawei is hurrying to build a wafer fab (eeNews Analog; Aug 24, 2020)

US tries to pick up pace in developing 5G alternative to Huawei (South China Morning Post; Aug 21, 2020)

Multinational companies concerned over US ban on Chinese tech firms (The Nation; Aug 21, 2020)

U.S. tightening restrictions on Huawei access to technology, chips (Daily Mail; Aug 17, 2020)

Managing Geopolitical Headwinds: Huawei is Moving toward Building a Connected and Intelligent Ecosystem (Frost & Sullivan; Aug 17, 2020)

US says 'no way Huawei,' imposes strict restrictions on laptop biz (Windows Central; Aug 17, 2020)

Over a hundred TSMC engineers have been poached by Chinese chip makers (TECHSPOT; Aug 16, 2020)

5G is the first stage of a tech war between the U.S. and China (Salon; Aug 15, 2020)

Why the chips are down for Qualcomm (China Daily; Aug 11, 2020)

Qualcomm pushes for permission to sell Huawei 5G chips – report (Fierce Wireless; Aug 10, 2020)

Huawei to stop making flagship chipsets as U.S. pressure bites, Chinese media say (MSN; Aug 8, 2020)

Samsung Electronics to halt production at its computer factory in China (SeaNews; Aug 4, 2020)

Chipmaker SMIC inks $7.6 billion investment deal for wafer production (Reuters; Jul 31; 2020)

Chinese foundry pushes 300mm IGBT production (EE News Automotive; Jul 31; 2020)

Billions of tech revenue in Asia are at risk due to U.S. restrictions on Huawei, S&P says (CNBC; Jul 30; 2020)

Semiconductor Industry Braces for U.S.-China Tech Cold War (EPS News; Jul 28; 2020)

Should US Pay Semiconductor Makers To Compete Vs. China? (Breaking Defense; Jul 28; 2020)

Huawei cuts India revenue target by 50%, lays off more than half of the staff (The Economic Times; Jul 27 2020)

China’s economic and social plans must factor in that coronavirus will be with us for a long time: task force (MSN; Jul 27, 2020)

Huawei’s 5G ambitions in Europe under a cloud after UK ban, EC report (MSN; Jul 27, 2020)

The U.S.-China Cold War Is Heating Up (; Jul 26, 2020)

South China Sea Showdown: Here's How America Is Trying To Contain China In Its Own Backyard (The National Interest; Jul 25, 2020)

By rejecting Huawei, Britain risks being swept up in the US’ next ideological crusade (The Duran; Jul 21, 2020)

Huawei and China-US tensions: Where do we go from here? (MSN; Jul 21, 2020)

With the chips down, Huawei risks losing its technical edge (Light Reading; Jul 20, 2020)

Huawei ban timeline: China may restrict Nokia, Ericsson if EU bans Huawei from 5G networks (CNET; Jul 20, 2020)

SMIC’s $7.6 billion share sale reveals China’s ambitious plan for technological self-sufficiency (News ITN; Jul 20, 2020)

China’s deepening geopolitical hole (The Japan Times; Jul 20, 2020)

New Taiwan envoy to America sees potential risks and rewards in China-US rivalry over economy and tech (MSN; Jul 19, 2020)

TSMC confirms no new chip orders from Huawei since May 15 (Gizmochina; Jul 17, 2020)

Britain to bar Huawei from its 5G wireless networks, part of a growing shift away from the Chinese tech giant (The Washington Post; Jul 13, 2020)

US has real chance to bring manufacturing home from China (Nikkei Asian Review; Jul 10, 2020)

Chinese officials bemoan ‘significant catch-up’ needed with US on chipmaking, as industrial decoupling looms (MSN; Jul 10, 2020)

U.S. Clings to Semiconductor Dominance as China Mounts Challenge (EE Times; Jul 10, 2020)

Hong Kong changes set to disrupt semiconductor supply chain (EE News Europe; Jul 6, 2020)

U.S. Business Groups Urge China to 'Redouble Efforts' to Implement Trade Deal (Market Screener; Jul 6, 2020)

China chipmaker SMIC to raise US$6.55 billion in Shanghai share sale (Channel News Asia; Jul 5, 2020)

Huawei’s 2021 flagship could use a third-party 5nm chipset (Gizmochina; Jun 29, 2020)

Broadcom : Chinese professor convicted of stealing trade secrets from US firms (MarketScreener; Jun 29, 2020)

U.S. Allies Capture China Tech Business Despite Washington’s Curbs (China Technology News; Jun 29, 2020)

Can China’s fledgling semiconductor industry rescue Huawei from tighter US tech sanctions? (South China Morning Post; Jun 25, 2020)

China Speeds Up Advanced Chip Development (Semiconductor Engineering; Jun 22, 2020)

Huawei’s 5G Dominance Threatened by U.S. Policy on Chips (China Technology News; Jun 22, 2020)

The great decoupling? What’s next in US-China rift (Tech Central; Jun 15, 2020)

GaN Systems sponsoring sixth annual China Power Supply Society ‘GaN Systems Cup’ design competition (Semiconductor Today, Jun 15, 2020)

How Huawei can work around US chip ban (Asia Times; Jun 12, 2020)

Lawmakers Push to Invest Billions in Semiconductor Industry to Counter China (The New York Times; Jun 11, 2020)

Huawei Employees See Dire Threat to Future From Latest Trump Salvo (Bloomberg; Jun 8, 2020)

China threatens to pull out UK infrastructure projects due to Huawei 5G decision (Datacenter Dynamics; Jun 8, 2020)

Chinese chip-maker SMIC aims to raise $2.8 billion via Shanghai listing: prospectus (Reuters; Jun 1, 2020)

UK reassesses decision on Huawei role in 5G networks following US sanctions (Yahoo News UK; Jun 1, 2020)

The Latest U.S. Blow To China's Huawei Could Knock Out Its Global 5G Plans (NPR; May 28, 2020)

Huawei’s future in U.K. 5G networks in question again (FierceWireless; May 26, 2020)

China’s Tech Reach Falls Short of its Ambitions (EE Times; May 22, 2020)

Samsung sends additional 300 engineers to Xian memory plant (The Korea Herald; May 22, 2020)

US regulators open door to possible tightening of Huawei chip curb (Intellasia; May 22, 2020)

China semiconductor fab SMIC gets $2.2 bln investment from gov't funds amid global chip spat (Reuters; May 18, 2020)

U.S. moves to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers as China eyes retaliation (Reuters; May 15, 2020)

Huawei signs up 18 carmakers to drive 5G adoption in China with connected vehicle initiative (Intellasia; May 13, 2020)

Huawei’s HiSilicon First Mainland Chipmaker to Break Top 10 in Global Sales (CX Tech; May 8, 2020)

COVID-19 reveals flaws in supply chain aggregation (Electronics 360; May 8, 2020)

US To Allow Huawei And US Firms To Develop 5G Standards (The Hilltop Monitor; May 8, 2020)

SMIC looks to raise $3 billion in Shanghai (eeNews Analog; May 7, 2020)

iPhone Maker Foxconn Pivots Back To China With Qingdao Plant (TaianBizz; May 7, 2020)

Huawei Beats Qualcomm in China (Abacus; Apr 29, 2020)

Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei says company has no plans to cut ties with US suppliers (South China Morning Post; Apr 26, 2020)

Huawei’s growth evaporates after coronavirus compounds US woes (BNN Bloomberg; Apr 21, 2020)

Alibaba to invest $28 bln in cloud services after coronavirus boosted demand (Reuters; Apr 19, 2020)

China Becoming Increasingly Aggressive in Semiconductor Industry (Business Korea; Apr 16, 2020)

Huawei chip unit orders up more domestic production as U.S. restrictions loom: sources (Reuters; Apr 16, 2020)

BYD restructures semiconductor arm to boost business (China Daily; Apr 15, 2020)

UK urged to stop China taking control of Imagination Tech: lawmaker (Reuters; Apr 14, 2020)

China's top chipmaker says it can match Samsung on memory tech (Nikkei Asian Review; Apr 13, 2020)

Chinese firm YMTC unveils 128-layer flash memory chip (China Daily; Apr 13, 2020)

Huawei eyes China revenue uptick (The Phnom Penh Post; Apr 13, 2020)

China ramps up its backend IC (Fudzilla; Apr 6, 2020)

SK to push for investment in China despite COVID-19 (Korea Times; Apr 6, 2020)

Experts: Restricting chip trade with Huawei will hurt global industrial chain (CGTN; Apr 3, 2020)

US officials agree on new curbs for China tech exports: report (iTWire; Apr 3, 2020)

The Newest US Sanctions on China's Huawei Could Backfire (Wired; Mar 31, 2020)

Coronavirus Highlights U.S. Strategic Vulnerabilities Spawned By Over-Reliance On China (Forbes; Mar 30, 2020)

US prepares crackdown on Huawei's global chip supply (TRT World; Mar 30, 2020)

Semiconductor demand slow down could help China in the long term (Verdict; Mar 27, 2020)

China grew share of fabless chip market in 2019 (eeNews Europe; Mar 23, 2020)

COVID-19 Outbreak Could Not Dampen China's Semiconductor Ambitions (Business Korea; Mar 19, 2020)

Authorities abolish integrated circuit design certification (SHINE; Mar 11, 2020)

Trump Advised to Halt Infineon Deal Amid China Security Risk (Bloomberg; Mar 5, 2020)

Chinese Semiconductor Companies Growing Fast (Business Korea; Feb 28, 2020)

This US-China downturn may be difficult for Taiwan (Brookings; Feb 24, 2020)

Trump administration is reportedly weighing limits to China’s access to chip technology (CNBC; Feb 17, 2020)

China’s chip makers proving more resilient amid coronavirus supply chain shocks thanks to automation, clean room environment (South China Morning Post; Feb 15, 2020)

Shipments forecast cut on virus disruptions in China (Taipei Times; Feb 15, 2020)

Coronavirus to affect electronic supply chains, 5G (eeNews Europe; Feb 14, 2020)

Coronavirus outbreak to hit Asia's semiconductor industry in February and March: Citi (The Straits Times; Feb 10, 2020

The Geo-Technological Triangle Between the US, China, and Taiwan (The Diplomat; Feb 8, 2020)

Wuhan lockdown strikes at heart of 'Made in China 2025' (Nikkei Asian Review; Feb 4, 2020)

Huawei, Chinese chip makers keep factories humming despite virus outbreak (Khaleej Times; Feb 3, 2020)

China Maintains Chip Output in Wake of Virus Outbreak (EE Times; Jan 31, 2020)

Wuhan Coronavirus Seriously Affecting Manufacturing Activities in China (Business Korea; Jan 30, 2020)

Calif-based Pixelworks broadens footprint in China (Evertiq; Jan 27, 2020)

Did the US just concede defeat in China tech war? (Asia Times; Jan 26, 2020)

Trump’s China Deal Creates Collateral Damage for Tech Firms (The New York Times; Jan 20, 2020)

China trade truce is seen as ‘fragile’ with analysts still seeing more tariffs as a possibility (CNBC; Jan 15, 2020)

The $150 Million Machine With $200 Billion at Stake for China (Bloomberg; Jan 15, 2020)

Huawei said to be in talks with banks to raise $2 billion despite being on US blacklist (Intellasia; Jan 10, 2020)

Trump’s Blacklisting of Huawei Is Failing to Halt Its Growth (BNN Bloomberg; Jan 6, 2019)

Trump administration pressed Dutch hard to cancel China chip-equipment sale: sources (Reuters; Jan 5, 2010) 

Alibaba’s tech brain trust sees new AI advances, industrial IoT among big trends in 2020 (South China Morning Post; Jan 3, 2020)

China’s Big Blockchain Bet Aims for an Early Advantage Over the U.S. (Fortune; Dec 16, 2019)

The Fight for Semiconductor Leadership in Asia (The Daily Signal; Dec 12, 2019)

China Hopes for Good Trade Result With U.S. as Soon as Possible, Commerce Official Says (Bloomberg, Dec 9, 2019)

Qualcomm Rides on China’s Belt & Road Initiative (EE Times; Dec 9, 2019)

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