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Smart Data & AI (SDAI) is one of the five SEMI “Vertical Application Platform” initiatives chosen as key drivers of electronics development and growth.  These SEMI platforms are focused on building communities, content, projects and activities to drive technology faster and further.

The objective of the Smart Data & AI initiative is to improve efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, new data analytics schema and machine learning. 

Why Smart Data & AI?

Although the concepts are well known, putting them into use to realize the full potential comes with challenges, including, a lack of common language; a consensus on data formats, data sharing and ownership; and lack of collaborative problem-solving methodologies spanning the electronics manufacturing supply chain.  As a result, a very small percentage of the data generated today is being effectively utilized to improve processes and efficiencies.

“AI-enabled root cause analytics can improve yield, and AI-optimization can minimize equipment maintenance required, reduce testing cost and lead to higher throughput.  Overall, the use of AI can lead to a reduction in yield detraction by up to 30%.”
Mckinsey & Co.
“Smartening up with Artificial Intelligence (AI)” April 2017

SEMI Smart Data & AI Programs

SEMI is chartered with helping the industry achieve desired future state for microelectronics manufacturing and a supply chain ecosystem utilizing smart data and artificial intelligence concepts.  We provide the platform to connect, collaborate and innovate to realize the full potential of the data.  The SDAI initiative is focused on:

  • Reduce Cost and Timeto-Market by improving supply chain efficiency, manufacturing efficiency and efficiency of design and validation of semiconductor chips and other electronics products.
  • Supporting expert presentations at a variety of SEMI forums, including SEMICON West, SEMICON Taiwan, Regional Forums and webinars.
  • Publishing results and discussions through the SEMI publication channels and a variety of technical conferences.
  • Executing proof-of-concept projects such a AI/Data Pilot project to speed up process development and root-cause problem-solving. The project is illustrated in the graphic below:
Smart data


To become involved in the Smart Data & AI initiative, contact Pushkar Apte at