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SEMI Certs


SEMI engages with its members to identify required competencies and skills.

Courses are profiled to determine alignment with industry requirements. These educational competencies are compared to SEMI’s Unified Competency Model (UCM), which is maintained by industry through a SEMI facilitated process. Once a course is profiled, the course and/or program data are added to the SEMI Works™ Portal. The SEMI Works™ Portal uses the data to match those seeking training to providers.

  • Greater alignment between courses and industry requirements.
  • A scalable process to ensure alignment between training / education providers and industry.
  • The ability to match courses to those seeking training.
  • Improved marketing and increased awareness of aligned courses by individuals and employers.
  • SEMI works with educational institutions at all levels to review and align their courses with the skills defined by industry
  • Courses are certified if they align with industry requirements
  • Workers completing SEMI Certs courses receive a SEMI Credential
  • Workers post their areas of interest in the SEMI Portal
  • The system matches courses taken, talent interests and job openings
  • The fees from course certification sustain the program

Stages of the SEMI CERTS Process

Step 1

  1. Course provider makes request to participate in SEMI CERTS™ process
  2. Parties enter into a Licensing agreement
  3. $2,500 fee paid by the institution - fee covers profiling of up to 5 programs and their related courses; maintaining certification requires annual fee

Step 2

  1. SEMI supplies access to the profiling tool
  2. Provider supplies profile of programs and related courses to be verified
  3. Profiling occurs by SEMI to determine match with industry requirements 
  4. Comprehensive reporting is supplied to the provider to show degree of match/gaps in curriculum

Step 3

  1. Programs and Course profiles are pulled into the SEMI Works™ Portal to make it visible to individuals and employers to facilitate matching for entrance and advancement in the industry
  2. Programs and Courses are listed in SEMI’s curated list of programs in the SEMI Works Portal
  3. Link to provider is included on SEMI portal to help market standard and online program offerings
  4. Limited use of the SEMI trademark for marketing purposes - noting that programs and courses have been profiled to determine alignment with industry requirements

Staff Contacts

Nikki Zaahir

Senior Administrator of Government Programs

Bryan Sanchinell

Director of Government Grants and Workforce Programs

Robert Weinman

Program Manager, Grants & Talent Development

Mike Russo

Vice President - Industry Advancement & Government Programs