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Smart Manufacturing – sponsored by Inficon 

Chairs: Eric Eisenbraun, SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Satyajit Shinde, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

Session 9

9.1  Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Scheduling in Complex Semiconductor Equipment 
Doug Suerich, Terry Young, PEER Group 

9.2  Improving Factory Scheduling with Statistical Analysis of Automatically Calculated Throughput  
Holland Smith III, Cabe Nicksic, INFICON FPS 

9.3  Trace Data Analytics with Knowledge Distillation 
Janghwan Lee, Wei Xiong, Samsung Electronics; Wonhyouk Jang, Samsung Display 

9.4  Q-learning Based Route-Guidance and Vehicle Assignment for OHT systems in Semiconductor Fabs 
Young Jae Jang, Illhoe Hwang, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, KAIST 

Session 5 - Poster

5.9 Environmental Improvements through Media Packaging
Ryan Parrott, Patrick Dunaway, Intel Corporation (manuscript only)

5.18 Integrated Sub-Fab Monitoring System Improving Data Visibility and Abatement Uptime  
Xin Li, Xin Li, Scott Veirs, Tony Betts, John Dalziel, Ania Zemlerub, Yuee Feng, Edwards Vacuum; Dinesh Saigal, Applied Materials

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