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SEMI IS MORE...Smart Mobility
The automotive industry is rapidly evolving to meet the world's shifting mobility needs. Explore how the SEMI Smart Mobility initiative is promoting collaboration in the global automotive electronics supply chain by fostering mutually beneficial interactions and transparent dialogue.

Why Join Smart Mobility?

Executive Testimonials

Dragos Maciuca, Ford Motor Company

Dragos Maciuca
Executive Technical Director - Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center
"The pace of innovation in electronic systems and devices in the automotive sector is accelerating every day. Our SEMI membership and our engagement in SEMI's Smart Mobility Initiative give us the opportunity to connect with the entire semiconductor design and manufacturing supply chain to collaborate and collectively advance technology solutions that create value for our customers."
For more info, visit Ford Motor Company.

Matthias Feulner, Senior Director ADAS, NXP Semiconductors

Matthias Feulner
Senior Director ADAS, NXP Semiconductors
"NXP has long realized that the ever-increasing pace of innovation and complexity of technology require collective action at a global scale. Our engagement in SEMI Smart Mobility initiative provides opportunities for partnerships and close collaborations across the microelectronics and automotive industry to address the challenges of future technologies and build the ecosystem we need for a safe, smart and connected future of mobility."
For more info, visit NXP Semiconductors.


Learn how SEMI IS MORE. More benefits, more connections, more data, more standards, more of everything you need to be successful in electronics manufacturing.

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