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Remembering Semiconductor Industry Legend Bill Tobey

On March 1, the semiconductor industry lost a true legend with the passing of Bill Tobey, an exemplary leader and contributor to the semiconductor industry throughout his career.

SEMI Expands COVID-19 Resources to Help Members Confront Pandemic

The microelectronics industry entered 2020 with high hopes after a mixed 2019 that saw global semiconductor revenue fall 11 percent while innovators continued to drive impressive advances in 5G, Io

SEMI Helps Members Navigate COVID-19 Disruptions

Hello SEMI members:

SEMI Works – Leading the Electronics Industry to Build the Talent Pipeline

On the day I joined SEMI in March of 2017, I was filled with excitement to be on-boarding at a time when great, leaping strides in innovation were driving the rapid expansion of our ecosystem. In m

SEMI Calls on Industry Leaders to Confront Diversity Challenge

My thoughts about diversity are rooted in a couple of core beliefs.

A Year of Transformation and Execution - Focus on Creating Member Value

Last year the industry posted another remarkable double-digit revenue growth year.

Securing Talent to Connect, Collaborate and Innovate

In my first six months at SEMI, I’ve visited with many member companies and industry leaders.

How SEMI Supports the Efforts to Address Climate Change

Despite the unfortunate withdrawal of an individual government from the voluntary international accord on climate change, SEMI and our industry remains dedicated to sustainable manufacturing and re

Speeding Better Business Results

These are heady times for our industry. SEMI member stock prices have soared in the past year, with many topping year 2000 levels to reach all-time records in 2017.