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Publication Date:

Principal Analysts:

Kim Sin, Analyst, Industry Research & Consulting, SEMI China
Clark Tseng, Director, Industry Research & Statistics


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The China SiC Industry Overview highlights the global semiconductor industry and Silicon Carbide market outlook. The report also features details about the Chinese government policies and investments impacting semiconductors and the SiC market. The China SiC semiconductor industry overview section is divided into 3 sections: SiC device manufacturers, SiC materials, and SiC related equipment.


Product Information 

  • Global Semiconductor and SiC Industry Overview and Outlook
    • Evolution of the SiC Semiconductor Industry
    • Key Players in the SiC Industry
  • China Government Policy and Investment
    • Major Projects
    • Industry Distribution Map
    • Semiconductor Investment by Region
    • Semiconductor M&A Activities
  • China SiC Semiconductor Industry Overview
    • SiC Device Manufacturer
    • SiC Material
    • SiC Equipment 

Primary research of this study was conducted over a three-month period, from October 2019 to December 2019. 2018 data in this report is final while 2019 data is based on actual year-to-date data, rather than the full year; therefore, 2019 data should be considered an estimate. 

In-depth personal, telephone, and email interviews were conducted with representatives from fabless companies, SiC semiconductor manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, as well as government officials and professionals from industry associations in China. While the majority of the information contained in this report was derived from interviews, a thorough literature search was also conducted. All information was analyzed and the findings are summarized in this report.  

Responses were obtained from all of the key SiC semiconductor equipment and material vendors based in China. Various industrial parks and associations in China also responded to the survey, which provided valuable information about investment trends and directions of China’s SiC semiconductor industry for the next several years. Estimates were made for non-reporting companies based on complete literature searches, historical information, and from discussions with industry professionals.


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