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資料來源: Multitest


Multitest’s MT2168 Optimizes for Cost and Throughput- Even for Less than 16 Sites

Rosenheim, Germany, September 2011: Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, announces that the MT2168 fully leverages today’s tester capabilities in terms of shorter test times and higher parallelism e.g. 16 sites. However, there are plenty of applications in the market where the number of simultaneously tested devices is lower than 16. The MT2168 is the best choice for these applications as well because of its innovative and fast internal material handling system; high soak capacity and its highly scalable design.


Regardless of the number of parallel tested devices, the test times get shorter. For these applications, the test handlers need to fulfill their standard tasks of loading, soaking and sorting in a reduced time span. Often, the speed of traditional handlers cannot keep up the pace. The tester stays idle and is ready and waiting for the devices. Additionally, the limited soak capacity often makes traditional handlers a bottle neck for the test cell. Again, the tester needs to waiting for the handler. The overall test cell output is not at its optimum capacity.


The outstanding soak capacity and the innovative material flow of the MT2168 perfectly respond to the reduced test times. This also is true for applications with less than 16 sites.


For longer test times, where sorting speed and soak capacity is not a factor, the MT2168 can be scaled down. Configurating the MT2168 according to the actual (speed) need reduces the initial investment cost. The customer only needs to purchase what is actually needed. On the other hand, the MT2168 can be upgraded easily in the field later if the requirements change.


For more information about Multitest’s MT2168, visit


About Multitest

Multitest (headquartered in Rosenheim, Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of test equipment for semiconductors. Multitest markets test handlers, contactors, and ATE printed circuit boards. Globally, more than 700 employees serve the company’s customers in offices and branches in North America, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Thailand. For more information, visit


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