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Rick Woidyla

Rick Woidyla has spent his career driving wireless WAN solutions for major carriers and their clients. After multiple ventures into the startup world, Rick re-joined Verizon in September of 2017 as a manager of business development and strategic planning in Global Networks & Technology.  In early 2019, Rick moved from planning the infrastructure for Verizon’s 5G build to the Verizon Smart Communities team, working with city leadership to address issues around intelligent transportation, sustainability, and public safety.

Rick held leadership positions at Ingenu as a senior manager for Smart Cities & IoT; at PokitDok as a senior director of business development; and at Verizon, as an IoT technologist, a vertical solutions architect, and an OEM sales manager.

Rick brings 20+ years of IoT/M2M and SCADA experience to Verizon’s Smart Communities team. He recently completed MIT’s program “Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World”. He is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Rick resides in Portland, Oregon.