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Principal Analysts:

Dr. Jianbiao John Pan, Dr. Malcolm Keif, Dr. Xiaoying Rong, California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) and Marc Chason, Marc Chason and Associates. Created for SEMI-FlexTech under an Assistance Transaction Agreement with the Army Research Laboratory.


Adobe® PDF (.pdf)

This comprehensive report investigates the development process and progress of fully-printed electronics in multiple component segments of the electronics ecosystem.  Segments include passives, sensors, batteries, antennas, high-performance ICs and speakers.  Each segment is evaluated on its readiness levels for integration into electronics products and manufacturing.  

This report, entirely collected from public sources of information, will be essential for anyone trying to understand the state-of-the-art in printed electronics.  Its comprehensive nature will save any business development professional, financial analyst, student or market researcher weeks of gathering information and consolidating it into a full industry study. 

The information contained in this report would be ideal for those evaluating the possibilities and potential for simplifying the electronics supply chain and current manufacturing techniques. The promise of processing electronics products with a maximum of automation in an additive process, integrated with other components, has supported many research and development projects and is gradually creeping into products being used every day. 

The introductory chapter comprehensively details the processing methods of additive and subtractive manufacturing, product development, different types of flexible substrates and the fluids and inks being used in printing electronics and the challenges involved in each one. Packaging methodologies are explored in depth.  This overview chapter concludes with a review of standards and associations involved and how TRLs and MRLs are calculated.


    Product Information

    • Contains 319 pages, 8 chapters, 231 Figures, 108 Tables
    • Chapters on Passives, Sensors, Battery Technology, Antennas, Audio Technology, Photovoltaics, and Energy Harvesting, and Semiconductor Integration
    • Excellent Introduction to the big picture questions of manufacturability and packaging
    • Information derived from the literature review, surveys, conference papers and presentations, interviews, and patent keyword trend analysis

    The methods used in completing the study were comprehensive and focused on the variety of ways to analyze current and future trends. The team first organized and reviewed overlaps among the topics covered, then explores the constructs to understand common challenges and breakthroughs among and across the different flexible hybrid electronics topics. Information derived from the literature review, surveys, conference papers and presentations, interviews and patent keyword trend analysis


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