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Publication Date:

Principal Analysts:

Shanshan Du, senior analyst, Industry Research & Consulting, SEMI China
Kim Sin, analyst, Industry Research & Consulting, SEMI China
Lara Chamness, Senior Manager, Market Analysis


Adobe® PDF (.pdf), Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)
China Packaging Outlook 2019 Edition

The China Semiconductor Packaging Market Outlook examines market forces impacting the packaging market in China, including the impact of domestic policy on the industry. The report details and provides an outlook for the packaging industry in China, as well as packaging and assembly materials and equipment suppliers. The report also features a database of over 145 packaging facilities located in China with recent activities including latest advanced packing developments, websites, location and type of products processed. 


Product Information 

This 2019 edition of this comprehensive market research study covers but it not limited to:

  • China Semiconductor Packaging Industry Outlook
    • Impact of the global economy on China's IC industry and packaging market 
    • China government's policy on semiconductor industry and on packaging and testing industry
    • Packaging and testing market size and industry trends in China
    • Key semiconductor packaging developments in China
    • National IC Fund and OSAT Investments
    • Trade friction timeline between US and China (New in this edition!)
    • Leading Packaging and Test Suppliers in China
    • Advanced Packaging Activities in China
    • Key domestic discrete packaging companies
    • Key domestic LED packaging companies
  • China Semiconductor Packaging Materials
    • Key packaging materials suppliers in China
    • Leadframe market in China
    • Substrate market in China
    • Mold Compound market in China
    • Bonding wire market in China
  • China Semiconductor Packaging Equipment
    • Semiconductor packaging equipment market overview
    • China manufactured packaging equipment suppliers 

In-person interviews with materials suppliers, packaging subcontractors and semiconductor manufacturers around the world are the sources of information for this study. Market size information is developed through primary research and modeling. Five-year market forecasts are developed based on different scenarios of new technology penetration and market growth. 


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