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Notice Regarding the Book-to-Bill Report:

SEMI will cease publishing the monthly North America Book-to-Bill report this year. The December 2016 report and press release are the last publication.  The decision to discontinue the Book-to-Bill report is based on changes in reporting by some participants where the reporting of orders/bookings into the data collection program is no longer a necessary component of their industry analysis.

SEMI will continue publish a monthly billings report and issue a a press release that compares month-to-month and year-over-year trends in billings activity. Additional detailed billings data will also be available in the monthly Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (WWSEMS) report that SEMI prepares in collaboration with the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ). The WWSEMS report currently reports billings and bookings data by 24 equipment segments and by 7 end market regions. Beginning with the January 2017 WWSEMS, bookings information will only be available for the back-end equipment segments of the industry.

SEMI continues to track semiconductor industry fab investments in detail on a company-by-company and fab-by-fab basis in its World Fab Forecast and SEMI FabView databases. These powerful tools provide access to spending forecasts, capacity ramp, technology transitions, and other information for over 1000 fabs worldwide.

Publication Schedule:

Published Monthly

Principal Analysts:

Lara Chamness, SEMI


Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)
Billing Report

The SEMI Billings Report annual subscription provides global billings by month for North American-based semiconductors equipment manufacturers. The data includes front-end (Wafer Processing, Mask/Reticle, Wafer Mfg., Fab Facilities) and final manufacturing (Test, Assembly & Packaging). The Billings report highlights month-over-month and year-over-year changes of the three-month moving average of North American headquartered equipment manufacturers' billings. North American equipment suppliers represent approximately 50 percent of the worldwide equipment market. 

SEMI uses a third-party accounting firm to manage their market statistics data collection program. Billings figures are sent directly to the firm, from participating member companies. Individual company data is not available to any agency or company, including SEMI. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and market share information for the program participants is never published. 


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