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Thank you to our

Sponsors, Speakers, Attendees, and
 the ISS Organizing Committee

for making ISS 2018 so successful!

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See you next year—
Industry Strategy Symposium  January 6–9, 2019
The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA

Smart, Intuitive & Connected: Semiconductor Devices Transforming the World

Something transformative is happening in electronics, taking many forms, shapes, and sizes. From stunning, 360-degree visions powered by augmented reality and intuitive behavior propelled by artificial intelligence, to perceptual computing within intelligent vehicles. Deep learning in robotics, the sleek functionality of smartphones, and the limitless connectivity within cloud — one variable resides at the core of so much innovation: the semiconductor silicon)

Through collaboration across an expanding ecosystem, our industry is delivering supremely sophisticated semiconductor devices, enabling the transformation of our world into a place where lifestyle and efficiency are optimized in ways never imagined. Indeed, through innovations in equipment, materials, design, and packaging, emerging application trends within electronics incorporate essential features that defy convention, including higher performance, less power consumption, smaller footprint, and heterogeneously integrated components.

To succeed in a transformational marketplace, shrewd business decisions are more critical than ever. Dynamic application markets, competitive product segments, and unprecedented industry consolidation make time-to-market a make-or-break proposition. ISS 2018 will explore strategy, discuss collaboration, examine threats, and expound upon the market opportunities empowered by today’s semiconductor technologies.



Kevin Bandy
SVP and Chief Digital Officer,
Cisco Digitization Office

Cisco Systems


Semiconductor Technology—
More Choices than Ever Before

Prof. Hermann Eul, Ph.D.
Independent Board Member,
and Private Investments

Leibniz University Hannover

Hear Insightful Speakers from:

  • Accenture Labs
  • Alpha Capital Partners
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Applied Materials
  • ASE
  • ASML
  • BCA Research
  • Cisco
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Eul Ventures
  • Gartner
  • IBM
  • IC Knowledge
  • IHS Markit
  • imec
  • Integrated Sensing Systems
  • Intel
  • Integrated Sensing Systems
  • Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley
  • Oculus
  • PsiQuantum
  • SEMI
  • Synopsys
  • Tufts University
  • Versum Materials
  • VLSI Research

ISS 2018 Organizing Committee

SEMI would like to thank the ISS Organizing Committee for their outstanding contributions in developing the agenda and direction for the upcoming conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

Shane Poblete

Conference Questions

Agnes Cobar
Tel: 1.408.943.7952