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2018 FLEXI Awards
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FLEXI Awards recognize achievements of organizations and individuals in the flexible electronics sector in the categories of R&D, Innovation & Commercialization, Industry Leadership and Education Leadership. 2018 FLEXIs are open to any organization involved with the flexible and printed electronics sector. To be selected, a nomination form must be submitted by the deadline. Organizations and individuals are welcome to self-nominate.

Awards will be announced at the 2018FLEX on Tuesday, February 13 during the 2018 Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition.

Download the FLEXI Awards Flyer here. Questions? Please contact Amy Ly at

Nominations NOW CLOSED.




Awards & Criteria

  • PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD CRITERIA: Entries for this award should be on a flexible electronics product announced in the last twelve months and are awarded to the organization responsible for its creation. Nominations will be judged based on the product design & ingenuity, potential (or proven) market adoption and revenue generation. Products must be available to customers at the time of nomination.
  • R&D ACHIEVEMENTS AWARD CRITERIA: Entries for this award are evaluated for their world-class research approach, originality and commercial potential for expanding the scope for flexible or printed electronics or their manufacturing processes. Consideration is given to the ability of entrants to identify and solve a real problem.
  • TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP IN EDUCATION AWARD CRITERIA: This award recognizes and honors outstanding contributions to the flexible electronics industry through education, both via a certified education institution or internal corporate workforce development activity. Judging is based on the quality of education, practical applicability, number of students completing the course, and degree of focus on flexible, printed electronics.
  • INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP AWARD CRITERIA: This award will recognize and honor an individual who has shown particular dedication to building awareness of the capabilities and possibilities that flexible and hybrid electronics bring to the broader field of electronics. The individual honored will have demonstrated outstanding leadership for the industry in public forums, association activity, and within their own organization.
  • NEW! TECHNOLOGY CHAMPION AWARD CRITERIA: This award will recognize and honor an individual for their volunteering efforts and contributed achievements in the flexible and hybrid electronics industry. 

The FLEXI Awards are awarded annually by FlexTech based on the stated criteria. A panel of industry experts come together once a year to evaluate the submissions and determine the award. The FLEXI Award does not constitute implicit endorsement of the recipient or its products.

Click here to see a list of past FLEXI Award Winners.