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Smirnov Waldemar

Waldemar Smirnov
• Studied Physics and got a Ph.D in Solid State Physics (in Aachen, Manchester, Freiburg)
• Worked as a semiconductor process development engineer (e.g. MEMS) (1 year)
• Worked as a simulation engineer with focus on thermal and air flow simulations for electronic control units in cars (5 years)
• Works as machine learning engineer with focus on full stack development especially for computer vision topics and AI algorithms (~2 years)


Michel Janus
Michel Janus obtained his doctorate in particle physics from Bonn University in 2012 for his thesis on the search for supersymmetry in tau final states with the ATLAS experiment. From 2013 to 2015 he was Marie Curie research fellow with the University of Warwick. Since the start of his PhD studies up to spring 2019 he worked as a experimental physicist at different universities within the ATLAS collaboration at CERN, with a focus on big data analytics, statistical interpretation and applied machine learning. He has lead two large project teams (30-50 people) within the ATLAS collaboration, whose main achievement during this time was the discovery of the Higgs boson in the decay to tau leptons. Since spring 2019 he works on applying machine learning and statistical analysis to large manufacturing datasets at the Bosch wafer fab in Reutlingen.