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October 21, 2020 - July 31, 2021

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Comes to Bio-Interfacing and Biodegradable Electronics at FLEX|MSTC 2020

Flexible Electronics Master Class #4 explores best practices for ensuring reliability of FHE devices throughout the production process. The course is taught by experts from Molex's Printed Circuit Solutions Division which has been successfully building complex and reliable flexible circuits for many advanced applications.


United States

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Comes to Bio-Interfacing and Biodegradable Electronics at FLEX|MSTC 2020

The course explores how reliability testing plays a critical role for Flexible Hybrid Electronics throughout the development process. The presentation highlights how it is essential to create a reliability test plan that covers the requirements for EV, DV and finally though PV, in order to insure product reliability and performance.

The instructors discuss how the Molex design process is used to identify risks and challenges for custom FHE applications and how the various reliability test are used evaluate and eliminate the potential risk and challenges.


  • Overview of Molex Printed Circuits Solutions
  • FHE challenges & requirements
  • Overview of reliability testing development process
  • Reliability test standards
  • Reliability lab set up
  • Q&A

The various industry standards related to HMI, FHE, PE, Printed Sensors and other applications are also reviewed in conjunction with usage in reliability testing related to FHE.

Instructors Tom Seputis, Lab Manager, and Dave Rasmussen. Director, PCS Engineering, as they provide an overview of Molex Printed Circuit Solutions and the reliability testing and challenges related to Flexible Hybrid Electronics.

This Master Class is 4th in a series of 4 classes. Classes 1-3, and the series are also available On Demand at the following links:  

#1 Flexible Power Sources:  Challenges, Progress and Integration

#2 Artificial Intelligence in Thin Film Manufacturing 

#3 Integration Techniques for Flexible Electronics

Read more about the full Master Class Series

Featured Speakers

Dave Rasmussen, Molex
Dave Rasmussen
Director of PCS Engineering
Tom Seputis
Tom Seputis
Lab Manager

Registration Includes: 

  • Access to the recorded session for use by the same person, multiple times
  • Additional attendees must register separately to view

Member Price:  $25

Non-Member Price:  $49

Non-Member Price for Government, Military, and Academia Non-Members:  $35

To receive this price, contact Michelle Fabiano at for discount code.  Must have a valid .gov, .mil or .edu email address

Students:  $0 

To receive this price, contact Gity Samadi at for discount code.  Must have a valid student ID card.