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February 22, 2021 - February 26, 2021

This is the 20th Anniversary of the FLEX Conference & Expo.
Thank you to the entire FLEX community, committee members, sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors, for your support. We are proud to have you with us on the journey into the next 20 years and beyond.


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Online, PST,
United States


20 Years of Driving Innovation to Make the World Safer

You'll hear experts highlight the latest technical breakthroughs, unique electronics applications, and business strategies giving insight into the future of next-generation Integration beyond Moore's law era. Key technologies and markets in the areas of Smart Medical, Smart Mobility, Smart Manufacturing, Data, AI, and Displays will be explored through out each technical track presented each day of FLEX week. 

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) present unique heterogeneous integration capabilities with unprecedented continuity with us and our world. This softer side of electronics represents high performance integrated devices that are curved and variable in form factor. Electronics that augment our daily activities and interact with our surroundings like no personal computing device ever has are emerging in new and varied application spaces. 


  • February 22 » Session 1—FHE Systems 

  • February 23 » Session 2—Materials Processing 

  • February 24 » Session 3—Sensors & MEMS   

  • February 25 » Session 4—Sustainability & Power 

  • February 26 » Industry Virtual Tours 


  • February 15–21 
    Prepare and preview the On-Demand presentations in order to join each day ready for the interactive panel discussions and luminary keynote discussions.  

  • February 26–March 26
    All content will be available for 30 days On-Demand in case you missed anything during FLEX week. 


Celebrating its 20th year, the online event will gather executives, product managers, business development professionals, and engineering directors as well as leading industry analysts and media for the latest developments, trends, and innovations in flexible hybrid electronics (FHE). More than 400 companies, universities, R&D labs, and government agencies from around the world have participated in FLEX conferences each year. 

Please fill out the FLEX Interest Form to stay updated on FLEX 2021 Conference & Expo.

FLEX 20 Years

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