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attend or exhibit at a SEMI event

Participate at a SEMI Event

SEMI expositions and events connect you to opportunities to grow your networks, meet new partners and prospects, and build your business worldwide.



Connection, collaboration, and innovation start with SEMI membership. Gain full access to communities, opportunities, information, benefits and more.

technology community

Technology Communities

Address industry challenges and opportunities in materials, test, defect management, advanced packaging, roadmaps, supply chain issues and IT operations.

“FOA surveys give us a level of benchmarking that we can’t get internally. They give us the opportunity to compare how we are doing against a variety of other fabs and justify what we want to do to improve efficiency, which is invaluable to our company – more valuable than what we pay in dues for the FOA membership!”
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Lloyd Whetzel
CEO, X-Fab

Workforce Development

SEMI supports education and career awareness in high tech by connecting students, young professionals, and companies.

Workforce Development