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Maximize your Reach

SEMI-FlexTech offers several PR Programs for members with many ways to supplement your marketing efforts. Take advantage of one or more of these great benefits.

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Technology Blogs

Position yourself as a subject matter expert by contributing to FlexTech technology blog. Our content has been reposted successfully in several electronics industry publications such as EETimes, Semiconductor Engineering, and Semiconductor Digest.

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Share your knowledge on flexible electronics with our member and non-member contacts (up to 50,000 individuals)

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Public Relations

Break into our well-established network of top-tier media contacts and share your story directly with editors at SEMI-FlexTech events such as the FLEX conferences worldwide.

Write for the SEMI Technology Blog

Want to increase your visibility among fellow members and drive traffic to your content via Google News Alerts as well? Contribute to SEMI's Technology blog and get great industry exposure. Topical in nature-rather than product-focused—the blog should interest flexible electronics suppliers, OEM end-users, ODMs and/or embedded system integrators. 

Send a short abstract to us describing the focus of your post. We will review your abstract and get back to you with comments/questions.

Provide a webinar

SEMI-FlexTech offers members the opportunity to be featured in a monthly webinar series, a convenient, minimal-expense method of educating and connecting the industry. Webinar topics are mutually agreed topics of technical and/or market appeal to SEMI-FlexTech members. The best webinars are built around observations of industry, technology and market trends. If you'd like to position yourself as a flexible electronics thought leader or announce a new technology or capability, please send your abstract to us.

Webinar Guidelines

Connect with the press at FlexTech events

As a SEMI-FlexTech member, we want you to have the best possible experience at our events and that includes any engagement that you may want to have with the press. The best way to take advantage of these PR opportunities is to stay in touch with us! Once you are on the distribution list, you will receive timely updates including event press briefing documents, final press list, access to media room and other publicity information.

SEMI-FlexTech events include:

  • FLEX Japan
  • FLEX Korea
  • FLEX China
  • FLEX Taiwan
  • FLEX Europe

Get on board - Are you on the PR Partner distribution list? How about your PR department or firm? Email Amy Ly at for more information on how to increase your involvement in press opportunities. 

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