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For nearly 50 years, SEMI has advocated for free trade, open markets and the protection of intellectual property. 

Export controls need to avoid unilateral controls on complicated and sophisticated commercially-available technology.  Export controls on commercial electronics devices - including semiconductors and the rapidly-changing, sophisticated equipment and materials used to make them - need to be narrowly tailored to specific national security concerns to avoid hindering unnecessary commercial activity.  Furthermore, they must be applied multilaterally to minimize market distortions to achieve strategic objectives. 

SEMI is well-positioned to work with policymakers to create reasonable export controls for the industry.  Monitoring and impacting newly-proposed export controls means product by product knowledge and building a broad industry coalition. 

Recent U.S. Export Control Position Letters

April 2020 Letter to President Trump

January 2020 Letter to President Trump

December 2019 Multi-Association Letter to Secretary Ross Letter

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