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SEMI recognizes the achievements of organizations and individuals through a number of prestigious awards.

Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
An award on marketing excellence. This prestigious award is given to recognize and honor an individual for their outstanding contributions to marketing within the semiconductor equipment and materials industry.

SEMI Outstanding EHS Achievement Award
Established by SEMI to recognize individuals in industry and academia, who have made significant contributions to the semiconductor industry and to society in the area of environment, health and safety.

European SEMI Award
Each year the award is presented to a person who has made a major contribution to the European semiconductor industry.

SEMI Award for North America
The awards program was established in 1979 to recognize outstanding technical achievement and meritorious contribution in the areas of semiconductor materials, wafer fabrication assembly and packaging, process control, test and inspection robotics and automation, or quality enhancement.

FLEXI Awards 
The FLEXI Awards recognize the achievements of organizations and individuals in the flexible and printed electronics sector in the categories of R&D, Innovation & Commercialization, Industry Leadership and Education Leadership. The FLEXI’s are presented by the FlexTech SIG and are open to any organization involved with the flexible and printed electronics sector.