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SEMI® Material Market Data Subscription (MMDS)

A quarterly report covering worldwide semiconductor materials markets and trends

Publication Date: Published Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov)
Principal Analyst: Lara Chamness, SEMI
Format: .xls


The Material Market Data Subscription includes current revenue data along with three-year forecast and thirteen years of historical data. The report contains 10 segments for wafer fab related materials and 7 segments for packaging related materials. In addition, quarterly revenues are included for photoresist, photoresist ancillaries and electronic gases. Shipment numbers are included for silicon* (quarterly) and leadframe (monthly).

Seven regions of the world are covered in this report including North America, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Rest of World (ROW). All sales revenue estimates are reflected in U.S.. dollars.

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Product Information
Fab Materials Covered: Silicon, SOI, Photomasks, Photoresists, Photoresist Ancillaries, Gases, Process Chemicals, CMP, Other Wafer Fab Materials
Packaging Materials Covered: Leadframes, Substrates, Bonding Wire, Die Attach, Mold Compound/Encapsulants, Ceramic Packages, Other Packaging Materials

Tabs of Spreadsheet
-  Intro
-  Category Definitions
-  Detailed Annual Silicon Data (1978 - 2018F)
-  Bonding Wire Market
-  Wafer Fab Materials
-  Packaging Materials
-  Quarterly Silicon Shipments
-  Detailed Annual Gas Sales
-  Quarterly Photoresist Sales
-  Quarterly PR Ancillary Sales
-  Quarterly Process Gas Sales
-  Monthly Leadframe Shipments


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3718 SEMI Material Market Data Subscription - Multi User $8,500 $13,500

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Data is compiled from actual inputs by material suppliers from around the world. Key categories are updated each quarter with data supplied by participating semiconductor material companies to an independent third-party accounting firm, guaranteeing confidentiality of company specific information.