Volume 9, Issue 1


In This Issue for June 2014

Equipment Information System Security

China HB-LED Committee Formed

Spec for GaN Wafers

NA HB-LED Update

3D Workshop at SEMICON Singapore

450mm Standards Update

Korean EDA Translations

E10 and E79

EU Standards Award: Call for Nominations

Upcoming Regional Meetings

June 12, 2014
Japan Silicon Wafer TC Chapter Meeting

June 13, 2014
China PV TC Chapter Meeting

June 20, 2014
Japan Information and Control TC Chapter Meeting

June 20, 2014
Korea FPD Metrology TC Chapter Meeting

June 27, 2014
Japan PV Automation Committee Meeting

June 27, 2014
Korea Information & Control TC Chapter Meeting

June 30, 2014
Japan Liquid Chemicals TC Chapter Meeting

July 4, 2014
Japan PV Committee and Japan PV Materials Committee Joint Meeting

July 4, 2014
Gases & Facilities Japan TC Chapter Meeting

July 7-10, 2014
North America Standards Meetings at SEMICON West 2014

July 9, 2014
Wafer Geometry Control for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Workshop

Full Calendar of Events

From the Director's Desk
James Amano
Senior Director

Wafer Geometry Control for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

The SEMI Standards Silicon Wafer Committee has been the foundation of the SEMI Standards Program for over 40 years, developing critical standards for wafer specifications, metrology, and material characteristics. While recent focus has been on development of 450mm related standards, critical work still remains to be done that is not specific to wafer diameter. While industry collaboration on measurement methods for wafer geometry, bulk metals, stress, surface particles, and crystal characterization has enabled silicon wafer development and high volume manufacturing wafer quality control to keep pace with Moore’s Law, the relentless reduction in feature sizes in semiconductor manufacturing increasingly makes it difficult to perfect processes with high yield and high uniformity. These process challenges require that variation of the geometry of the wafer be controlled and monitored throughout the process flow. While wafer geometry standards have typically focused on the quality of the starting bare wafer, it is equally important today to monitor and control process-induced wafer geometry changes.

To introduce the challenges that lay ahead, SEMI is pleased to host the upcoming Wafer Geometry Control for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing seminar, to be held in conjunction with SEMICON West 2014, on July 9, in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel. Authoritative customers, including IBM, Intel, and Micron, will present recent developments and future needs for advanced semiconductor manufacturing. More...

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