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Volume 10, Issue 1

In This Issue

Notchless Wafer Standard Approved

New HB-LED Standards Activities from Korea

Updates to Regulations Governing SEMI Stds Prog Approved

European SEMI Standards: 2014, the Year of Rejuvenation

SEMI Stds NA Liquid Chem TC Chapter Redefines PFA Req

Metrics Webinar Education Series for SEMI E10 and E79

Six ballots were authorized for Cycle 1-2015 from China PV Stds TC

Standards at SEMICON Japan 2014

Call for Nominations for SEMI Europe Standards Awards 2015!

Regional Meetings

March 6
Silicon Wafer Japan TC Chapter Meeting

March 17
PV China TC Chapter Meeting

March 30-April 2
North America Standards Spring 2015 Meetings

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From the Director's Desk
James Amano
Senior Director

SEMI Standards - Setting the Foundation, Enabling Innovation

Historically, some of the most significant documents developed by the SEMI Standards Program have focused on fundamental matters such as wafer dimensions and terminology, and as companies in our industry expand into emerging fields, they continue to realize the benefits of early standardization. Standards create the foundation that enables to innovate and develop new technologies and products, and move from the idea stage into high-volume manufacturing. A notable recent example of the key role that the SEMI Standards Program plays can be seen 3D-IC manufacturing, where the industry has come together to establish standards on processes, equipment, materials, and terminology.

Based on industry needs, SEMI 3D2-1113, Specification for Glass Carrier Wafers for 3DS-IC Applications, was approved and published in late 2013 to provide the framework for ordering Glass Wafers for the application of carrier wafer for processing device wafers for 3D stacking. As this technology has developed, the requirements for such carrier wafers have become clearer and areas where 3D2 can be improved have been identified. Accordingly, the Bonded Wafer Stacks Task Force has commenced work on revising 3D2. The group intends to update (or eliminate) specifications that are unnecessarily stringent for 3D stacked applications and add additional glass types that were not included in 3D2 that are now seen as appropriate for industry requirements for 3D stacked applications. This ballot is scheduled to be issued to the global 3DS-IC Committee in Spring 2015 for adjudication at SEMICON West. Read more...

SEMI North America Standards 2015 Spring Meetings
March 30-April 2
San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas, California
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