Volume 6, Issue 2


In This Issue for April 2011

Standards for 3D-IC

Building Information Modeling

PV Standards Development in China

LED Standards Update

450 mm Standards Update

PV Cell Vibration Task Force

PV Gases and Chemicals Update

450 mm Tape Frame Standard

Upcoming Regional Meetings

Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference
May 16-18
New York

Standards Meetings at Intersolar Europe
June 8-10

Standards Meetings at SEMICON West
July 11-14
San Francisco

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From the Director's Desk
James Amano
SEMI International Standards

3D-IC Standardization Underway at SEMI

Given their potential for increased performance, smaller footprints, and reduced cost and power consumption, 3D-IC technologies are now on the leading edge of innovation, with the industry poised to jump from concept to commercialization. However, multiple manufacturing challenges must first be solved, as 3D-ICs' increased design and mechanical complexity can lead to increased manufacturing defects, as well as thermal management issues and signal interference. While 3D integration using through-silicon vias (TSVs) promise a fundamental shift for current multi-chip integration and packaging approaches, cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing will be difficult to achieve without standardized equipment, materials, and processes.

The needs and opportunities for 3D-IC manufacturing standards were first explored at SEMICON West in 2010, and the first 3DS-IC SEMI Standards Committee was formed in North America late last year. After a kick-off meeting in January, the 3DS-IC committee met again during the recent NA Spring 2011 meetings and made further progress in targeting the Committee’s initial priorities. At the conclusion of the meetings, activities had been organized into three Task Forces (TFs): Thin Wafer Handling, Bonded Wafer Stacks, and Inspection and Metrology. More...

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