SEMI® Global Update • March 2011

SEMI: From Sea to Shining Sea

Record Capex Leads to Fab Equipment Increase of 28% in 2011

Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market: $348M by 2012

Challenges on Technology Path to 14/15 Node

Tremendous Growth Opportunities in the PV Materials Market

HB-LED Focus: Cost Reduction and Next Gen Digital Intelligence

FPD Market Outlook Affects the Value Chain

Budget Battles Dominate Debate in Wash., D.C.

New PV Standards Published



March 3
SEMICON West Preview Webinar

March 2 & 23
HB-LED Webinar Series

March 8
CAST Workshop

March 8-9
uv.eb West 2011

March 23
SEMI NE Forum: Where will the Road lead us? ITRS and More Moore

March 28-31
NA Standards Spring Mtgs

May 15-18


May 24
Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Mgmt

May 25-27
Fundamentals of Prod Mktg


March 15-17

March 15-17
FPD China

May 11-13
SEMICON Singapore


March 20-22
PV Fab Managers Forum

April 27-28
LED Lighting Summit

May 24
SEMI Brussels Forum

May 31-June 2


Adv Packaging Conf

European Mfrg Test Conf

Intl MEMS/MST Ind Forum


LED Lighting


Karen Savala, SEMI North America PresidentSEMI: From Sea to Shining Sea

In addition to the many programs in Silicon Valley, SEMI also produces events and regional networking opportunities in regional locations across the United States. Many of these are coordinated by local volunteer committees of SEMI members, such as the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Arizona, and Austin Committees.

This month, in Phoenix, Arizona, we hosted a SEMI Breakfast Forum entitled, "Creating an Innovative High-Tech Workforce" held at Arizona State University. (more)

Karen Savala


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Record Capex Leads to Fab Equipment Increase of 28% in 2011
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
Exciting times loom ahead for the industry: 2011 promises record spending levels; there are inklings that the 450 mm era is beginning to take shape; feature sizes will break into 20nm-class; and fabs are showing up in unlikely places. Some companies have surpassed their record investments in 2010 to set new spending records in 2011.

Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Expected to Reach $348M by 2012
By Lara Chamness, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
The worldwide reclaim wafer market is estimated at $312 million in 2010 and forecasted to reach $348 million by 2012. Pricing pressure in 2009 caused aggregate pricing for 300 mm wafers to decline 32 percent and an additional 16 percent in 2010.

Challenges Abound on the Technology Path to the 14/15 Node
By David Lammers, editor-in-chief, SemiMD
For logic ICs, the challenge - as Thomas Skotnicki of STMicro recently said - is that "conventional boosters are out of steam." As the device pitch scales, there may be less benefit to strain techniques.


What's Next for the Compound Semiconductor Industry?
CSEurope Conference, 22 March, Hilton Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany. Pioneering companies discuss opportunities for compound semiconductors. For the insider view, book your place at CS Europe.

Tremendous Growth Opportunities in the PV Materials Market
SEMI and Linx-AEI Consulting announce a new report that delivers detailed insights about growth opportunities in the soaring PV materials market. Driven by the global demand for solar power, materials for crystalline silicon and thin-film modules are a growing market for suppliers of electronic materials.

HB-LED Focus Turns to Cost Reduction and Next Generation Digital Intelligence
By Paula Doe, SEMI Adjacent Markets
HB-LED technology has made progress in over the past few years, but big penetration into the general lighting market still requires a 10X reduction in costs to compete with fluorescents, which are also significantly improving.

FPD Market Outlook Affects the Value Chain
By Yoshio Tamura, senior VP, senior analyst, DisplaySearch
Although the flat panel display (FPD) industry is concentrated in Asia, its value chain involves global SEMI members who supply equipment and materials to Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese FPD companies.

Budget Battles Dominate Debate in Wash, D.C.

The elections of 2010 were historic in terms of the number of newcomers that were voted into office, with many of the rookie lawmakers swept into power with the promise to cut government spending. Now those election promises are being confronted by the reality of the modern lawmaking process in the nationís capital.

New PV Standards Published
By James Amano, SEMI
Initially formed in 2007, the PV Standards Committee has rapidly become one of the most active committees in the SEMI Standards Program, and has now developed and published 15 Standards. The PV industry is increasingly recognizing the value of the SEMI Standards Program.

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