Webinar: Innovation at Risk: Reengineering the Semiconductor Industry Pipeline

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Webinar:  Innovation at Risk: Reengineering the Semiconductor Industry Pipeline

May 29, 2013
10:00am – 11:00am (Pacific)
Price:  Complimentary


Keeping pace with Moore’s Law has always been supported by dramatic innovations and transformative products developed by start-ups and emerging companies that have been funded by venture capital and other investors looking for big returns from an IPO or acquisition.  Today, VC money has largely moved to other markets while the industry’s demand for innovation has never been greater. 

This webinar will explore these and other questions related to the semiconductor innovation pipeline:

  • What is the state of semiconductor industry’s innovation pipeline? 
  • How can emerging companies navigate the funding challenges of today’s industry?
  • How are strategic investors at the industry’s largest firms working with emerging companies to ensure the next Big Idea is ready to keep Moore’s Law alive?


10:00-10:05        Welcome-Ray Morgan, SEMI

10:05-10:15        Historical View of the Innovation Pipeline - Sean Doyle, Intel Capital

10:15-10:25        The R&D Perspective - Brian Hubert, Applied Ventures

10:25-10:35        The Strategic Investment Perspective - Mike Rehberg, Dow Ventures

10:35-10:45        The Venture Capital Perspective - Dan Rubin, Alloy Ventures

10:45-10:55        The Entrepreneur Perspective - Sujatha Ramanujan, COO, Intrinsiq Materials

10:55-11:00        Q&A


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