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450 mm Standards at SEMI


For over 40 years, the SEMI International Standards Program has been well-known for developing global consensus standards for the semiconductor industry. The first 2-inch silicon wafer standard, SEMI M1, was published in the early 1970s. As technology progressed, so did SEMI Standards.  In 2008, SEMI published the first standard for the 450 mm generation.

Committees are now active in China, Europe, Korea, Japan, North America, and Taiwan, and there are also active participants in India, Singapore, and many other countries. Over 4,600 technical experts from leading companies in all segments of the semiconductor supply chain are currently involved in developing SEMI Standards. 

Industry Participation is Critical

Progress is being made on the possible transition to 450 mm wafers and the development of corresponding standards is an essential industry activity to enable this future direction. The SEMI Standards Program allows companies to collaborate in a precompetitive environment to define standards that encourage technical innovation and market growth.

Companies that actively participate in the development process stay current with industry technology trends, and more importantly, influence the direction of the industry. Join us in this important effort.  Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.   Or, contact a SEMI Standards Staff member for more details.

Published 450 mm Standards

Assembly & Packaging

Physical Interfaces & Carriers

Silicon Wafer

Under Development:

Physical Interfaces & Carriers

  • Doc. 5069A, Specification for 450 mm Wafer Shipping System
  • Doc. 5524, Line item revisions to SEMI E156-0710, Mechanical Specification for 450 mm AMHS Stocker to Transport Interface
  • Doc. 5626, Line Item Revision to SEMI E154-0713, Mechanical Interface Specification for 450 mm Load Port AND to SEMI E166-0513, Specification for 450 mm Cluster Module Interface: Mechanical Interface and Transport Standard (for addition of EFEM Pocket) 
  • Doc. 5632, Specification for Signal Tower for 450 mm AMHS
  • Doc. 5676, Line Item Revisions to SEMI E83-0413, Specification for PGV Mechanical Docking Flange
Silicon Wafers
  • Doc. 4812, Guide for Flatness Measurement on 450 mm Wafers
  • Doc. 5070A, Revision to SEMI M76-0710, Specification for Developmental 450mm Diameter Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers [Re: Wafer Edge Design]
  • Doc. 5071, Revision to SEMI M76-0710, Specification for Developmental 450mm Diameter Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers  [Re: Back Surface Contamination and Defect Requirements]
  • Doc. 5540, Line Item Revision to SEMI M1-1013, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers  (Re: Addition of Related Information: Illustration of Flatness and Shape Metrics for Silicon Wafers) 
  • Doc. 5604, Line Item Revision of SEMI M1-1013, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers and SEMI M20-110, Practice for Establishing a Wafer Coordinate System (Re:  Addition of 450mm Notchless Wafer)
  • Doc. 5654, Revision of SEMI M49-0613, Guide for Specifying Geometry Measurements Systems for Silicon Wafers for the 130 nm to 16 nm Technology Generations (Re: Edge exclusion reduction from 2mm to 1.5mm  at 16nm  technology generation)
  • Doc. 5655, Revision of SEMI M1-1013, Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers (Re: Update 450 mm wafers edge exclusion)
  • Doc. 5701, Line Item Revision of SEMI M1-0114, Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers, to correct references to test methods for measurement of front surface chemistry)

Active Task Forces

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Assembly & Packaging
This committee develops specifications to enhance the manufacturing capability of the semiconductor industry as it relates to the packaging and assembly of the semiconductor chip, including the materials, piece parts, and interconnection schemes, and unique packaging assemblies that provide for the communication link between the semiconductor chip and the next level of integration. This committee also discusses total infrastructure for Chip to Final Set system and processes such as Testing and Design Software, Transportation Tools, Reliability and Traceability issues, EHS issues, Inspection methods, etc.

  • Japan 450 mm Assembly and Test Die Prep TF

Silicon Wafer
This committee develops international standards fulfilling the requirements for commercial silicon wafers. Silicon Wafer Committee standardization includes specifications and guides for silicon wafers, test methods for silicon wafer quality and geometry, shipping box related topics, wafer ID related topics, and business related topics to support smooth communication between silicon suppliers and customers.

  • International 450 mm Wafer TF
  • International Automated Advance Surface Inspection TF
  • International Advanced Wafer Geometry TF
  • International Epitaxial Wafer TF
  • International Polished Wafer TF

Physical Interfaces & Carriers
This committee develops specifications to enhance the manufacturing capability of the semiconductor industry, specifically addressing mechanical, electrical, and special equipment specifications; and material movement integration, including substrate support and containment structures.

  • 450 mm Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) TF
  • Fiducial Mark Interoperability TF
  • International 450 mm Physical Interfaces & Carriers TF
  • International 450 mm Shipping Box TF
  • International Process Module Physical Interface TF
  • North America 450 mm Assembly Test Die Prep TF
  • North America 450 mm Shipping Box TF

Additional info on 450 Standards: http://www.semi.org/en/node/41211

June, 2014