ASMC 2014 - Author Kit

ASMC continues to be one of the leading international technical conferences for discussing solutions that improve the collective manufacturing expertise of the semiconductor industry. Solving the challenges presented by semiconductor manufacturing has been a combined effort by device makers, equipment and materials suppliers and academics. ASMC provides an unparalleled platform for semiconductor professionals to network and learn the latest in the practical application of advanced manufacturing strategies and methodologies.  Technical presentations at ASMC highlight industry innovations with specific results.  If you are interested in presenting at ASMC 2015, please contact

Why Become an ASMC Speaker?

  • Recognition from industry peers
  • Interaction with representatives from leading manufacturers, suppliers and academics
  • Opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences and practical expertise
  • IEEE Publication
  • Considered for ASMC 2014 Best Paper award, sponsored by

The ASMC Committee is composed of industry professionals representing the microelectronics supply-chain.  Abstracts are peer-reviewed by members of ASMC technical committee with the goal of developing a high quality, informative conference.  All abstracts will be evaluated on the strength of the abstract submitted, including content matter and relevance to semiconductor manufacturing. If your abstract is accepted, your paper MUST be presented in person.  Submission of an abstract to ASMC represents a commitment to present a non-commercial, peer-reviewed paper at the conference.  ALL technical manuscripts, regardless of presentation format, will be published in the ASMC 2014 proceedings.  If you cannot confirm that your paper will be presented in person, either by yourself, co-author or qualified speaker, your paper NOT published.  ASMC 2014 will be held in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA.  If you travel to ASMC from outside the United States, you must obtain a visa.  Please begin the process early!  If you require a letter of invitation for to obtain a travel visa to the U.S., please contact

It is critical that you include in your timeline company approval cycles, which may be a longer process than preparation of the actual manuscript and presentation.  Please note the following dates and share this information with your co-author(s) and management. Conference registration is a requirement for participation.  Dates are subject to change.

Important Dates and Instructions

Call for Papers Opens August 22, 2013


Authors must use the abstract template.  Abstracts must be uploaded to the ASMC collection site.
Please indicate if the abstract is to be considered for a poster presentation.

Abstract Submissions Due
 November 28, 2013

 Abstracts submitted after the published deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Author Notification Sent  December 20, 2013 Primary authors/contacts will receive an instructional email.  Upon notification, authors will be requested to confirm their participation in the conference.

Speaker Agreement Due January 10, 2014 Speaker agreements and confirmations are due.

Draft Manuscripts Due

 March 10, 2014


ALL authors, regardless of session, are required to submit a preliminary/draft manuscript using
the approved
MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE.  Once completed, preliminary must be
uploaded to the ASMC
collection site
.  PDF is not necessary for draft.  *Additional guidelines below.

Final Manuscript Due
 April 28, 2014


Final, company-approved manuscript (PDF) and must be submitted electronically
in order to be published in the ASMC 2014 proceedings.  IEEE PDF eXpress opens March 10:

Presentations Due

 May 12, 2014


  • Speakers are responsible for providing a PPT in advance to be uploaded for presentation at the conference.  We encourage speakers to use the ASMC 2014 PPT template.
  • For poster presentations, we recommend that authors use the ASMC poster template rather than multiple pages, as it looks more professional. Dimensions of the poster frame area: 4' x 4' (1.21 m x 1.21m).  
Conference Dates May 19-21, 2014


Hilton Hotel/City Center, Saratoga Springs, New York.  All ASMC 2014 speakers/presenters who attend the conference must register.  Speaker code is ASMCSPKR


All authors are required to submit a draft/preliminary manuscript (PDF or DOC) to the ASMC collection site.  Authors do NOT have to process through IEEE PDF eXpress for preliminary manuscript.  This is only for final version.  

Final, company-approved manuscripts, follow these steps (after receiving final input from reviewers):
1. Process manuscript through IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure IEEE compliance. 
2. Convert document at The conference id is 32974X. Please follow instructions as directed. 
3. Save IEEE compliant PDF on the ASMC 2014 submission site. DO NOT password protect the PDF.
4. Upload to ASMC collection site  Include IEEE e-Copyright form. (Final manuscripts can be uploaded now)

Maximum number of pages is six (6) Authors will be provided feedback to ensure the highest technical quality of manuscripts. If you have misplaced your ID and password, please contact  Authors presenting in the interactive poster session, we will supply the poster frame and push pins. The dimensions are 4ft x 4ft (1.21m x 1.21m).
While it is not mandatory, we recommend that authors print a one page sheet rather than multiple pages, as it looks more professional: Examples.

Tips for presentations - The Most Effective Use of PowerPoint