SMC Korea-Agenda

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09:05-09:35Keynote 1. Challenges and Materials for Beyond the Roadmap
 Sven Van Elshocht, R&D Manager, imec
09:35-10:05Keynote 2. EUV Lithography has entered the Industrialization Phase
 Roderik van Es, Director Service-and Product Management EUV​, ASML
10:05-10:35Keynote 3. Memory and Logic Technology for Next Generation
 Byunghee Kim, Sr. Technologist, Lam Research
Session 1: Technology Roadmap
10:55-11:25Challenges for Electronic Materials to Enable A Connected World
 Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting
11:25-11:55Materials for Fan out Packages
 Joonseok Oh, Principle Engineer, Samsung Electro-Mechanics
11:55-12:25Phosphorescent OLEDs: Materials and Technology
 Vadim Adamovich, Distinguished Scientist, Universal Display Corporation
Session 2: Materials & Process Innovation
13:30-14:00Cleaning Technologies for Continued Scaling
 Sangcheol Han, Principle Engineer, Tokyo Electron Technology Center America
14:00-14:30Advanced Cleaning and Etching Solutions for Future IC Technology Nodes
 Boris Jenniches, Vice President, BASF
14:30-15:00High Performance W Post-CMP Cleaning Formulations – Mechanistic Studies and Holistic Characterization of Particles-Wafer Surface Interfacial Interactions
 Daniela White, Sr. Principal Scientist, Entegris
15:00-15:30Selective Deposition: Topological Selective Deposition
 Jong Wan Choi, Director, ASM
15:30-16:00Measurement and Optimization of Particles in High Purity Chemical Systems at 20 nm
 Keith Dillenbeck, Product Line Manager, Particle Measuring Systems
Session 3: Collaboration
16:20-16:50Material Challenges of 1x and Beyond Technology Nodes
 Hyun-Woo Kim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics
16:50-17:20Patterning Material Requirements for Memory Device
 Keundo Ban, Principal Engineer, SK hynix
17:20-18:00Networking Reception
*The agenda will be subject to change without notice.
*After conference, it is available to download the presentation files, which are agreed by speaker.