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30개 이상의 SEMI 사이트와 뉴스레터에 귀사의 광고를 게재할 기회!

Do you have a product, service or event that will enrich the semiconductor community? Advertise on SEMI web sites and newsletters to reach your audience of key industry professionals. SEMI provides a variety of advertising opportunities for you on over 30 multilingual industry and exposition websites and email newsletters to help you reach your audience.

한국 SEMI 광고안내

Website Traffic

Reach your customers on over 30 high profile industry information and show web sites with annual average traffic of:

  • 8.8 million pageveiws
  • 1.9 million unique visitors
  • 3.1 million visits

Industry Email Newsletters Readership

Reach an engaged audience through a number of informative industry newsletters. Advertising opportunities are available in:

Audience Profile

50% of visitors and subscribers are from outside the US and typically are buyers looking for solutions in microelectronics manufacturing.

Site visitors and newsletter subscribers Job Levels:

  • 19% Executive Manaement
  • 21% Senior Management
  • 26% Other Management
  • 31% Staff
  • 2% Other

Site Visitor and newsletter subscriber Purchasing Authority:

  • 32% Final Decision Makers
  • 43% Recommend/Evaluate
  • 5% Specify
  • 20% Other

SEMI website traffic growth continues.

Illustrating the growing importance of web-based information, page views on SEMI websites have nearly doubled in recent years, growing from less than 1 million to over 2 million pages view per quarter, with traffic peaking during top expositions. Site visitors are your customers coming from key semiconductor regions around the world.

Be a part of the most visited websites and highly valued communications in the industry. Advertise with SEMI today. Contact SEMI at Marlene Sibley, SEMI Global Sales at: or by phone at +1.408.943.6988.


SEMI Web Sites Are the Most Commonly Referenced Industry Sites

According to the SEMI annual Customer Satisfaction survey, SEMI is the most commonly mentioned industry website used for information, followed by Nikkei Tech-On, EE Times, and Google.

Event Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to webistes and newsletters, you can advertise in event directories for the industry leading a SEMICON, SOLARCON or FPD expositions.  Each show has their own style of onsite and preshow advertising available. From Event Directories to Product Marketing Opportunities and sponsorships--follow the links to the individual Exposition sites to view the available advertising opportunities for each event.  Contact

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