SEMI - 투표참여

Standards Ballots

Letter Ballots (Cycle 3, 2012)
Letter ballots are periodically issued by SEMI Standards. The letter ballot is the first step in the approval process required for publication of a new or revised standard.

How to Vote on SEMI Standards Ballots
Detailed instructions on how to view ballot files and how to vote on SEMI Standards ballots. Includes screenshots.

Informational Ballots
Informational ballots are use to receive comments and refine a standards draft document prior to being issued as a Letter Ballot.

Procedural Review Results: Apr 2012 | Feb 2012 | Dec 2011 | Aug-Sep 2011 
The ISC A&R SC shall determine whether the procedural requirements of these Regulations have been met and whether a satisfactory consensus has been reached on standards actions. (Regulations ¶ 10.1).

SEMI Standards Critical Dates
Document submission deadlines and voting periods for upcoming technical ballots in 2012.

Document Authoring Tools

SEMI International Standards: Compilation of Terms (PDF)
The SEMI International Standards Compilation of Terms contains all abbreviations, acronyms and definitions technically approved and published within SEMI Standards.

SEMI Standards Document Templates
Templates and guides to help write Documents in accordance with the SEMI Standards Style Manual.

SEMI Standards Style Manual Version 5 (PDF)
The Style Manual has been developed to provide authors the rules for creating SEMI Standards.