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The SEMI International Standards Program brings together industry experts to exchange ideas and work towards developing globally accepted technical standards. SEMI provides a forum for the essential collaborations that must be achieved to move new and existing markets forward efficiently and profitably.

Help shape the industry!

Participation enables you to:

  • Identify global technology trends in the Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, High Brightness LED, FPD, and MEMS industries
  • Be ahead of the curve of rapidly changing technology developments
  • Reflect your company’s ideas and influence in the development of new and existing technology standards
  • Have your company’s voice heard in the SEMI Standards collective process
  • Help us develop global standards faster

Join us!

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Celebrating 40 Years!

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SEMI Standards Development:

  • Encourages innovation
  • Reduces costs
  • Aligns technology roadmaps
  • Ensures product connectivity & compatibility
  • Enables positive growth and economic benefit


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Sr. Director
SEMI International Standards

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