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September, 2017

Robotics and Chip Industries in Japan  
(September 20, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

SEMI and SAE Announce Strategic Partnership  
(September 20, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress Answers "What’s Driving $66B Industry?"  
(September 13, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

Technology Showcase Finalists Revealed for European MEMS & Sensors Summit  
(September 6, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

August, 2017

Flexible Hybrid Electronics & Sensors Impacting the Automotive Industry  
(August 25, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

Diving into MEMS, Sensors and Imaging Technologies for a Smart, Connected World at SEMI|MSIG European Summit  
(August 9, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

July, 2017

2017FLEX Returns to Monterey With More Applications, Exhibits and Energy 
(July 6, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

Enabling a Technology Revolution: MEMS and Sensors revitalizes the European electronics indust  
(July 6, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

June, 2017

$6,000 of Electronics in Car by 2022
(June 28, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

SEMICON West Preview: Smart Manufacturing  
(June 21, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

Practical, Flexible Display and Sensors Explored at Market-Focused 2017FLEX Korea  
(June 21, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

● Consumer to Industrial Data Explosion Hits Supply Chain  
(June 14, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

● Key Drivers for Europe Growth and Innovation  
(June 14, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

May, 2017

The Drive to Smart Manufacturing  
(May 23, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

2017FLEX Monterey Focuses on Accelerating to Manufacturing as Industry Growth Escalates  
(May 16, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

SEMICON West Preview: MEMS  
(May 16, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress 2017 ? Knowing Your Unknowns  
(May 2, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

April, 2017

2017FLEX Japanレポート FHE産業のエコシステムとコミュニティの発展への大きな一歩 
(Apr. 25, 2017, SEMI 通信 第4号)

SEMI Launches Successful 2017FLEX Japan  
(Apr. 18, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

FlexTech Invites Proposals for Development of Flexible Power, and Flexible and Printed Electronic Components  
(Apr. 18, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

March, 2017

SEMI Leads Smart Manufacturing Evolution 
(Mar. 28, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

February, 2017

NextFlex Hosts Inaugural Job Shadow Day 
(Feb. 14, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

January, 2017

FlexTech Announces Contract for Battery Development with ITN Energy Systems 
(Jan. 31, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

Autonomous Cars: Fiat Chrysler follows VW into Dieselgate II, Changing the Game
(Jan. 24, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

● SEMI Brings Together MEMS, Sensors, and Imaging in Expanded Grenoble Event 
(Jan. 17, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

● Smart Manufacturing Gains Momentum 
(Jan. 10, 2017, SEMI Global Update)

December, 2016

緊急企画!スペシャル対談 「大企業のほとんどが、IoTの価値を勘違いしている」小柴 満信 (JSR 代表取締役社長) x 落合 陽一 (筑波大学 助教)
(Dec. 12, 2016, WORLD OF IOT 通信 第5号)

WORLD OF IOT 通信 第5号 
(Dec. 12, 2016)

IoT ベンチャー、スタートアップと業界再編動向 - 半導体、AI、インダストリー関連など幅広い分野で活発化 -
(Dec. 2, 2016, WORLD OF IOT 通信 第4号, 著 一般財団法人インターネット協会 副理事長 木下 剛)

WORLD OF IOT 通信 第4号 
(Dec. 2, 2016)

November, 2016

MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress 2016 Sets Out to Conquer the Internet of Countless Things 
(Nov. 29, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Top Takeaways from the MEMS and Sensor Executive Congress 
(Nov. 22, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● 日本のMEMS産業動向 
(Nov. 16, 2016, SEMI 通信)

WORLD OF IOT Grows with 30 New Exhibitors at SEMICON Japan
(Nov. 8, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

MSIG Executive Congress Preview 
(Nov. 1, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

October, 2016

WORLD OF IOT (SEMICON Japan 2016 特別展) 、IoTキープレイヤー30社以上が新規出展、規模を拡大して開催
(Oct. 31, 2016, プレスリリース)

- 産業融合がもたらすエレクトロニクス産業のフロンティア -
(Oct 31, 2016, WORLD OF IOT 通信 第3号, 著 一般財団法人インターネット協会 副理事長 木下 剛)

WORLD OF IOT 通信 第3号 
(Oct. 31, 2016)

(Oct. 11 2016, SEMICON Japan 通信 第2号)

未来自動車のゲームに参入する? 自動車メーカーが抱える電子ユーザインターフェイスのギャップに注目
(Oct. 11, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Watch out for 200mm Fabs! Fab Outlook to 2020
(Oct. 11, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

September, 2016

新たなステージのIoTがもたらす社会と産業の姿 - デジタルエコノミー時代のイノベーションエンジン -   
(Sep. 30, 2016, WORLD OF IOT 通信 第2号, 著 一般財団法人インターネット協会 副理事長 木下 剛)

Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) とは? 
(Sep. 30, 2016, WORLD OF IOT 通信 第2号)

WORLD OF IOT 通信 第2号 
(Sep. 30, 2016)

● European MEMS Summit 2016: Are MEMS Manufacturers Richer than Last Year? 
(Sep. 28, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● Japan MEMS Industry Update 
(Sep. 28, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● Automotive Innovation ─$60 Billion in Opportunities
(Sep. 28, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● Imaging Imagination Limits: Phones Lead Growth but Innovative Applications Expanding the Market​
(Sep. 21, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

NextFlex Takes High Profile with Events and First Round of Project Announcements 
(Sep. 21, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● Entering the Future Car Game: Identifying High-value EUI Partnership Gaps Automakers Should Keep an Eye On
(Sep. 14, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

August, 2016

● Full Program for SEMI European MEMS Summit Announced 
(Aug. 23, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● High Potential for Emerging Software Tools in Automotive Design, but Adoption Lags
(Aug. 9, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

July, 2016

(Jul 25, 2016, SEMI通信 7月号)

● Making Sense of the Sensors for Driver Monitoring
(Jul 19, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● SEMI Related: Human-Like Gait and Adidas for Robot
(Jul 19, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● SEMI Related: Flexible Pressure Sensors based on Octopus's Suckers 
(Jul 12, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● Digital Redefines Supply Chain: Big Change and Big Opportunity
(Jul 5, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

June, 2016

● 半導体製造設備買収で生産能力強化を図る電子部品メーカー  
(Jun 21, 2016, SEMI通信 6月号)

● アナログIC/MEMS/センサ市場とサプライチェーンのビジネス機会 
(Jun 21, 2016, SEMI通信 6月号)

● Smart Manufacturing Moves Forward with SEMI Standards 
(Jun 28, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

“Make Every Market Smarter” ─ An Interview with SEMI’s Yann Guillou on the European MEMS Summit
(Jun 22, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

NextFlex Equipment Briefing for SEMICON West Attendees 
(Jun 22, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

SEMI Related: Google's Tiny Chip Could Revolutionize Gesture Control? (YouTube)
(Jun 15, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Reliability and Security Solutions in a Connected World
(Jun 1, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

FlexTech Completes Flexible Hybrid Electronics Projects with ENrG, nScrypt, and PARC 
(Jun 1, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

May, 2016

FlexTech Providing New Opportunities for SEMI Members 
(May 17, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Russian Market Overview:  IoT Possibilities, New Smart Opportunities
(May 17, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

New Tech Turns Your Arm Skin Into A ‘Touchpad’
(May 17, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

New Technology Can Potentialy Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer
(May 3, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

April, 2016

Market for Analog ICs/MEMS/Sensors and Supply Chain Opportunities
(Apr. 26, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Latest Advancements in Sensor Technology Examined at SEMI European MEMS Summit
(Apr. 26, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Chinese Backer of Faraday Future Unveils Electric Car In Beijing
(Apr. 26, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

SEMICON Europa Introduces 2016FLEX─Opportunities to Exhibit in Flexible Electronics Market
(Apr. 12, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Augmented reality mapping out tech's next mind-bending trip
(Apr. 5, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

March, 2016

Manufacturing Standards for Flexible and Hybrid Electronics
(Mar. 29, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Graphene Wristband Senses Your Blood Sugar?and Treats It
(Mar. 29, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Survey about Sealed MEMS Devices and Wafer Stacking
(Mar. 22, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

The Scary Efficiency of Autonomous Intersections
(Mar. 22, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

2016FLEX Wrap-up: Trends in the Flexible Eco-System
(Mar. 15, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

43% of Organizations Are Using or Plan to Implement IoTs in 2016, Gartner Says
(Mar. 8, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert on Next-Gen ATLAS: “A Huge Amount of Work”
(Mar. 1, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

February, 2016

2016FLEX to Gather over 600 Experts in Flexible Hybrid Electronics
(Feb. 23, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

● IoT時代への足がかり、200mmライン活用に求められる条件 
(Feb 26, 2016, SEMI通信 2月号)

Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks (w/ Video)
(Feb. 16, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Game over? Computer beats human champ in ancient Chinese game
(Feb. 2, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Januay, 2016

● IoTは、いよいよ本格的な社会実装のフェーズへ -SEMICON Japan 2015 オープニングキーノートレビュー-
(Jan. 29, 2016, SEMI通信 1月号)
「眼差しを常に人に向けた技術の活用を」 ~ 富士通 代表取締役会長 山本正巳 氏 
「IoTはあらゆる産業にビジネスモデルの変革をもたらす」 ~日本タタ・コンサルタンシー・サービシズ 代表取締役社長 アルム・ ラクシュミナラヤナン 氏 
「人類は、個々に世界につながる生き物になった」 ~ 楽天技術研究所 代表 森 正弥 氏 

The DeanBeat: The 10 best technologies of the Consumer Electronics Show
(Jan. 19, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Market Heating Up In 2016
(Jan. 5, 2016, SEMI Global Update)

December, 2015

● Standards for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
(Dec. 22, 2015, SEMI Global Update)

● SEMICON Japan 2015: IoT Revolution Adds to Microelectronics Event
(Dec. 15, 2015, SEMI Global Update)

● Healthy Growth in MEMS across a Fragmented Market
(Dec. 8, 2015, SEMI Global Update)


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