Activity Purpose:

  • To enable common use of STIL data without revising for the test related tools and devices
  • To make IEEE Standard STIL to be test program language of the semiconductor industry standard
  • To promote STIL support and increase the use of STIL at the industry

Activity Plan: STARC SSTAG cooperates closely and work the activity together

  • STARC SSTAG conducts technical activities of STIL support and its use
  • SEMI-CAST STIL WG (SCSWG) works based on its technical results (web publishing etc.)
  • Conduct the activity cooperating with related groups to accelerate STIL dissemination and standardization

For the details, see below.



Activity of SEMI-CAST STIL WG (SCSWG) has completed by 2014/3/31. 
If you have some question about  Standardization of STIL, please look at the web page of IEEE 1450 - Standard Test Interface Language (STIL).
Thank you for understanding and support of STIL activity at SCSWG.
Moreover, we are pleased if you can continue getting interested in IEEE STIL WG which is carrying out future STIL standardization activities. Finally, to members of SCSWG who have worked for long time, thank you very much.  
(SEMI-CAST STIL WG steering members)