SEMI FAQ - EU F-Gas Regulation

SEMI FAQ – EU F-Gas regulation and semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases (Regulation (EU) 517/2014 – the EU F-Gas Regulation) creates restrictions and new processes for placing F-Gases on the EU market, both for bulk supplies and for F-Gas contained in pre-charged equipment.

SEMI member companies, collaborating within the SEMI greenhouse gases working group, have exchanged views with the European Commission and external experts and have shaped a common understanding of how the EU F-Gas Regulation affects semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The SEMI FAQ on the EU F-Gas Regulation addresses the import of pre-charged equipment that contain F-Gases in scope of the EU F-Gas Regulation and which are integrated into semiconductor manufacturing equipment (e.g. chillers). It address issues such as:

  • Obligations for importers
  • What is an authorisation and how do companies apply for it
  • What is the compliance timeline
  • Recommended text for communicating with recipient of semiconductor manufacturing equipment

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Latest edition: version 3.0 dated February 2017 - revised content and hyperlinks to address new guidance from the European Commission