European 3D Summit – Exhibition

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The European 3D Summit is the place to see leading companies, technologies, and people driving the future of 3D Integration design and manufacturing. 3D Summit exhibitors are the suppliers to and the partners of leading microelectronics companies. Sold-out for three years straight, the exhibition showcases the most prominent names in 3D Integration microelectronics manufacturing.     
 2016 Exhibitors
JOHN P. KUMMER - Picofluidics Limited - ALTATECH - Plan Optik AG - 24IP Law Group - S3-ALLIANCE - IMEC - ClassOne - ASE Group - EV Group (EVG) - Nordson DAGE - CEA-LETI - Evatec - FRT, Fries Research & Technology GmbH - MICROCONTROL ELECTRONIC SRL - SET - SPTS - AMICRA - Microtechnologies - Siconnex - Fraunhofer IZM - SUSS - FOGALE Nanotech - PlasmaTherm - Amkor Technology - Disco

ASEclassone equipmentcea letiDisco
evatecevgFogaleFraunhofer IZM
FRTimecKummermicrocontrol electronic
NordsonPicofluidicsplanoptikPlasa therm
s3 alliancesetsiconnexSPTS
Süss Microtec



















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