6th SEMI Brussels Forum - Display

Semiconductor is a key enabling and pervasive technology, several applications will be displayed at the event. Leading companies will demonstrate the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem with displays from equipment and material suppliers.

Siltronic will display the various steps of wafer production, the history of the development of wafer diameters from 2’’ to 300 mm including video-footage from a 300 mm wafer production. You will learn some interesting facts and figures regarding wafer geometry, and how much silicon is used in consumer electronics, automotive, and other applications.

imec EEG headset: portable EEG and Brain Computer Interface
EEG (Electro-Encephalo-Gram) monitoring is not restricted to the hospital environment anymore. Imec brings EEG monitoring to the home through low power circuit, algorithm and system innovation leading to comfortable, easy to setup and reliable EEG headsets.
Imec’s EEG headset aims at:

• Ease-of-use and comfort: dry electrodes and headset integration
• Noise robustness: active electrodes and algorithms for motion artifact filtering
• Increased battery lifetime using ultra-low power circuits and systems
• Embedded feature extraction tailored to specific applications

imec Health patch: wearable devices monitoring physio-logical parameters
Next-generation health patches promise game-changing opportunities in health and wellness, enabled by ultra-low power circuit (imec’s proprietary bio-potential ASIC and DSP), algorithms (for artifact filtering and signal analysis) and system innovation.
Imec’s health patch aims at:

• 24/7 monitoring for up to 30 days
• Wear and forget
• Multi-parameter recordings: ECG, acceleration, temperature, bio-impedance, ...
• Work in all daily-life situations: from home, to work, to exercising sessions
• Smart: analyze body signals on-the-spot and in real-time
• Connectivity to smart phones

ASML will display a model of its TWINSCAN NXT:1950i scanner that shows the key modules in operation, explaining the basic operating principle of an ASML lithography system. In the interactive part of the exhibit, visitors will be able to explore the technical challenges that ASML faces and view 360-degree images of the company’s cleanroom in Veldhoven (Netherlands). ASML is the largest supplier in the world for semiconductor equipment.


Intel will demonstrate the energy management hardware and software enabled by Intel Architecture and Engineering . In addition some videos will explain:
•    “What we do” – a video depicting Intel Ireland
•    3D transistor with Senior Intel Fellow, Mark Bohr – our latest 22nm innovation
•    “Intel imagines the future” – a video depicting computing devices of tomorrow


Semiconductor Packaging, Assembly and Test – An Important Link in the Semiconductor Supply Chain. Bad News: During the last two decades, more than 90% of Semiconductor Packaging done in Europe moved to Asia. Good News: With increasing system approach, “More-than-Moore” integration and higher complexity, there is a chance to bring part of this important Semiconductor Supply Chain back to Europe – Innovation, Development AND Manufacturing.
The largest OSAT in Europe, NANIUM S.A. in Portugal, will display "Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging - The Enabler for System-in-Package on Wafer Level (WLSiP)".


TP Vision is a dedicated company in the world of visual digital entertainment; fully committed to the renowned Philips TV brand. TP Vision engages in developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific excluding China. They do this by combining their design expertise and innovative Philips TV heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV. With these combined strengths, they bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling. They believe in creating products that touch the human senses and are within reach of all consumers in the markets we operate in. For more information check www.tpvision.com.                      


Cameras out of the salt shaker

Fraunhofer IZM is presenting a fully functional micro camera with a size of 1x1x1mm. It is as large as a grain of salt, supplies razor-sharp pictures and can be manufactured very inexpensively. The possibility of one-off usage makes it very attractive for medical technology, but also the automotive industry. It has a resolution of 62,500 pixels.