5th SEMI Brussels Forum

5th SEMI Brussels Forum

Europe’s leading policy event for semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment and materials
24 May 2011, Brussels, Belgium


This event has concluded. Should you have any questions/comments or would like to get additional information such as market statistics, educational material, company testimonials, etc... please do not hesitate to contact SEMI PV Group. The SEMI Brussels Forum is not a stand-alone 'event' but part of our industry's ongoing dialogue with public authorities. As organizer we are of pleased that attendees found the event interesting, the overall feedback was good (rating 4.1 / 5). Below you will find the link to the material available related to the event.

PRESENTATIONS: http://semieurope.omnibooksonline.com/2011/brussels/


INTERVIEWS: (recorded on-site by SolarPV.TV) http://www.tinyurl.com/SolarPV-SEMI-Brussels-Forum

  • Yvon Pellegrin, President, SEMCO Engineering
  • Heinz Kundert, President, SEMI Europe PV Group
  • André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, President & CEO, Soitec
  • Eicke Weber, Director, Fraunhofer ISE - Institute for Solar Energy
  • Dirk Stenkamp, Chief Operations Officer, centrotherm pv




This year‘s SEMI Brussels Forum is perfectly timed when the EU is working on several integrated and pertinent initiatives, namely:

Through a series of keynotes and panel discussions, industry leaders and EU representatives will discuss practical recommendations on some of Europe‘s Key Enabling Technologies, in particular to address the needs of the European semiconductor and phovoltaic industries. The debate is envisaged with the active participation of the attendees, the presentations and panels will be open for comments and questions.


Placing Competitiveness at Centre Stage - Improve Framework Conditions for Industry

  • Competition Policy – “Competition is not within Europe but outside of Europe”
  • Global Level Playing Field
  • Access to Finance
  • Access to Skilled Labor
  • European Patent

Re-Invigorating the Competitiveness of the EU Throughout the ecosystem - Perspectives from the entire supply chain
Developing a Common Strategy for Key Enabling Technologies in the EU


The SEMI Brussels Forum gathers 200 policy influencers (25% European Commission representatives, 25% EU institutions, and 50% leaders and decision makers representing the various stakeholders from the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related industries). Participants represent 20 countries. Link to the previous eventand pictures slide show.

Scope and Format

The SEMI Brussels Forum is the annual EU public event to discuss about the competitiveness of the European semiconductor and photovoltaic industry value-chain. The event is composed of several meetings of the industry with the European Commission on the first day and a plenary session on the second day. Panelists representing industry and public authorities are invited to discuss on critical issues.

The semiconductor industry is a key contributor to European economic growth and prosperity, and an important enabler of Europe’s success in many sectors such as communications, automotive, medical equipment, security and safety. Today, no industry sector is competitive without using advanced microelectronic devices, there is no innovation without semiconductors. Semiconductors are critical to the European industry and welfare and must therefore be further prioritized on the EU agenda.

Why are Semiconductors key for Europe's Industry?

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