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IMAPS France (International Microelectronics And Packaging Society, France chapter) is a non-profit organization with 136 members in 2011 from 110 companies or institutes in France and neighboring countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Spain, Portugal). IMAPS-France is one out of the 30 IMAPS chapters throughout the World. Our mission is to promote and to disseminate knowledge and know-how throughout France and Europe, related to the packaging and assembly of semiconductor devices.

IMAPS France
49 rue Lamartine
78035 Versailles
+33 1 39 67 17 73

Yole Développement group provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media, and financial advisory services. We have a global vision and customer base. Our fields of competence include: MEMS & Sensors, Advanced Packaging, Power Electronics, LEDs & Optoelectronics, Compound Semiconductors & Substrates, Photovoltaics,  Microfluidics, Nanotechnologies.
Our research is performed by in-house personnel conducting open-ended discussion based interviews.

YOLE Developpement
Le Quartz
75 cours Emile Zola
69100 Lyon-Villeurbanne
+33 4 72 83 01 80

Micronews Media, powered by Yole Développement, has a subscriber base of key decision makers across the globe seeking news and analysis that matters in disruptive wafer-based manufacturing markets. It includes:
• Our website i-Micronews.com
• Our bi-weekly magazine, Micronews
• Our technology magazines: MEMS Trends, 3D Packaging, iLED and Power Dev'.
Every day, Micronews Media provides you the most useful information. With our Media, you will learn more about innovative technologies and their markets and identify competitors & customers.
Feel free to contact Sandrine Leroy, Media & Communication Manager (leroy@yole.fr).

AEPI is the economic development agency for Grenoble-Isere/France. The Grenoble area, smart valley in southeastern France, is Europe’s top center in micro-nanotechnologies and derived applications, and home of the program Nano2012, representing over 2.3 billion investment on the Crolles STMicroelectronics site. Working closely with Minatec-CEA-Leti as well as the industrial cluster Minalogic, AEPI provides complimentary information and services to companies exploring business opportunities. AEPI is also a member of the local board of the Semi Europe Grenoble office, located on the Minatec Campus, and is an active supporter of the European cooperation between Silicon Saxony and Grenoble microelectronics clusters.
AEPI - Grenoble-Isere Economic Development Agency
1 place Firmin Gautier
Tel + 33 4 76 70 97 04

STATS ChipPAC Ltd. is a leading service provider of semiconductor packaging design, assembly, test and distribution solutions in diverse end market applications including communications, digital consumer and computing. With global headquarters in Singapore, STATS ChipPAC has design, research and development, manufacturing or customer support offices in 10 different countries. STATS ChipPAC is listed on the SGX-ST.
STATS ChipPAC media contact
Lisa Lavin
Deputy Director of Corporate Communications
Tel: (208) 867 9859
Email: Lisa Lavin





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ASE Group is the world's largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test.  With over twelve facilities worldwide, ASE is delivering solutions to meet the industry's evolving demand for critical IC features such as smaller footprint, lower power, and higher performance. ASE's  broad portfolio of technology and solutions encompass IC test program design, front-end engineering test, wafer probe, wafer bump, substrate design and supply, wafer level package, flip chip, system-in-package, final test and electronic manufacturing services.   The Group generated sales revenues of $4.4billion in 2011 and employs over 34,000 people worldwide. For more information on the ASE portfolio including our proven copper wire bond capabilities and our advances in 3D & TSV technologies, please visit www.aseglobal.com.
ASE Group media contact
Patricia MacLeod
Tel: +1.408.636.9500
Email: patricia.macleod@aseus.com

STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 9.73 billion in 2011. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.
ST is among the world leaders in many different fields, including semiconductors for industrial applications, inkjet printheads, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) for portable and consumer devices, MPEG decoders and smartcard chips, automotive integrated circuits, computer peripherals and wireless.

As the worldwide leader and innovator in Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology,  Sonoscan manufactures and supplies acoustic microscope systems to a Global customer base, allowing them to nondestructively inspect and analyze their products.  Our C-SAM® microscopes (including our Gen6 and automated Wafer Testers AW200 and AW300) provide unmatched accuracy for the inspection of products for hidden internal defects. We also provide these same laboratory services through our SonoLab division.

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