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By way of introduction to MiNaPAD conference (April 25th-26th), SEMI Europe Grenoble Office and IMAPS France are proud to announce Beyond 300mm workshop: Packaging Challenges and Opportunities for 450mm wafers and panel scale solutions (April 24th). Organized by SEMI Europe Grenoble Office and hosted by MiNaPAD, in a unique workshop, invited speakers will address from a packaging and assembly perspective key items related to two hot topics that are 450mm wafers and panel scale solutions.

Packaging of 450 mm wafers

Almost all the time addressed with a front-end view, 450mm wafers introduction will create new challenges for assembly and packaging. What kind of new challenges are related to packaging of 450mm wafers? Is it already addressed as of today by back-end players? Would we expect disruptive technologies? Are there opportunities for new entrants? Is there any potential impact on growth of wafer level packages? What is the situation standard-wise? Beyond 300mm workshop will be one of the most complete public discussions to date addressing these open questions.

Panel scale packages

Referred by some people as a normal evolution of packaging to help in reducing cost, speakers will give their though and share latest results on large scale package. Where is the situation today in term of development and maturity? Can large size be fabricated with high throughput and good yields? Speakers from this session will talk about technologies such as about fan-out wafer level packages on rectangular rebuilt wafers, embedded die in laminate, glass carrier with and without vertical vias enabling 2.5D integration.

Top level speakers from the industry will represent equipment & material suppliers, OSATs, foundries, IDMs, R&D centers, market analyst companies. They will give a status on the developments, share results and their view on the current trends, highlight major challenges and barriers that need to be overcome. An interactive panel discussion will conclude the day before a networking cocktail. If you plan to attend MiNaPAD, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Beyond 300mm workshop.

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