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Corporate SEMI services:
SEMI serves the micro and nano-electronics industry by providing products, services and events that help our members grow, become more profitable, and address common challenges more effectively. Important SEMI services proposed by SEMI Europe Grenoble Office include:

  • Industry Advocacy
  • Industry events
  • Committees and Special Interest Group
  • Industry Standards
  • Industry Research and Statistics

These services and activities are proposed to the Semiconductor industry, Photovoltaic industry, and Emerging technology industries such as LED, MEMS, FDP and Printed Electronics. More details can be found here.


Additional Grenoble Office services:
We propose optional complementary services.

Dedicated support:
SEMI Europe Grenoble Office keeps very close relationships with its members. Its staff has a long experience in the micro and nano-electronics and has been through different technical and business positions in R&D centers, academic labs, IDM, fabless, foundries and equipment suppliers. Due to our technical experiences and our network, we can support members in their research of partners, help them to find the right connections, inform them about opportunities that might be of interest for them, deliver them information about EU or national funded programs…
We are constantly adjusting our support to better serve our members. It is up to each member to contact us and propose new activities that we will carefully review.

SEMI Europe Grenoble Office proposes to companies to exhibit on a large booth with other members of the association at major SEMI tradeshows. SEMI Europe Grenoble Office takes care of the design of the booths, visuals, facilities… SEMI Europe Grenoble Office provides the best possible location for the Pavilion in the exhibition Halls due to its privileged relationship with SEMI event organizing teams. Turnkey solutions are proposed to companies with possibility to book different space size and customized their own booth.
In addition, SEMI Europe Grenoble Office proposes free social networking events during the exhibition to co-exhibitors and their guests. This is a unique occasion to attract attention of prospects and customers and get more networking opportunities. The traditional Wine and Cheese party has become one of the most successful social events of SEMI exhibitions.

Based on the feedback of our member that participated to our last Pavilions, exhibiting with us allows your companies to:

  • Keep focus on your business opportunities and get the highest return on investment
  • Reduce booth cost: Sponsorship and sharing of cost for mutualized facilities such as meeting room and hostess
  • Reduce preparation time: We do it for you
  • Increase visibility with the best emplacements and large & modern booth design
  • Multiply the networking opportunities and contacts during the social events
  • Be part of a community and “feel and live” a team spirit 
  • Benefit from SEMI Europe Grenoble Office staff support to solve any unexpected matters

For 2012, SEMI Europe Grenoble Office offer to its members a Pavilion for SEMICON West (July 10-12, USA), SEMICON Europa (Oct 9-11, Germany). Contact us if you are interested to join or want us to build the offer for other exhibitions.






Networking Breakfast:
SEMI Europe Grenoble Office proposes Quarterly Networking Breakfast to its members. The goals of these events are to present to the members some of the latest achievements of SEMI Europe Grenoble Office, get presentations from invited speakers on a specific theme and last but not least allow the members to network and create connections.
The Networking Breakfasts are a new service for 2012. Their locations will be moving to go as close as possible to the members and the main micro and nano-electronics clusters.
Look at the EVENT to see where and when is the next Networking Breakfast planned.

Downloadable Resources:

Member can access and download different documents from the restricted area of our Website. Examples of these documents are bi-annual newsletters, conference proceedings, conference summary reports, job listing, news and press releases from our members.

SEMI Europe Grenoble Office

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