SEMI TechBRIEFING - 14 June 2010 Event


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How can nano-electronics enable an efficient & personalized health care?


14 June 2010, 14:00-15:30
Kindly hosted by the regional representation office of Saarland
Avenue de la Renaissance 46, 1000 Brussels


A key driver for the (r)evolution towards an efficient and personalized health care is the need for better monitoring, diagnostics and therapy.  Disease centric medical care, patient centric decision making and therapy, proactive personalized and ubiquitous diagnose and treatments are just a few of the challenges ahead.

The medical professionals are key players in this innovation and are teaming up with experts in nano-electronics.  Nano-electronics and a myriad of physics, bio-chemistry and other principles are currently joined to make these breakthroughs happen, providing better sensors and instruments.

New generation wireless, ubiquitous, smart sensor systems will help close the [patient data – diagnose – action] loop very quickly and efficiently at the patient’s home or private practices and clinics.  When more involved monitoring is needed or assistance during complex medical procedures is wanted, nano-electronics can help the medical professional to reach results quicker and more precisely  Examples of that are in precise (pre-)operative monitoring, in special instruments for drug development.

In the presentation some ‘real life’ examples will be shown of how electronics is present everywhere in this exciting route to a more efficient, personal, preventive, predictive and participatory healthcare.

Speaker Information

Jo De Boeck, received his engineering degree in 1986 and his PhD degree in 1991 from the University of Leuven.  In 1991 he became a staff member of IMEC (Leuven). He has been a NATO Science Fellow at Bellcore (USA, 1991-92) and AST-fellow in the Joint Research Center for Atom Technology (Japan,1998). In IMEC he has been responsible for a.o. the Magneto-electronics research activities. In 2003 he became Associate Vice President at IMEC for the Microsystems, components and packaging division. In 2005 he became VP Wireless Autonomous Transducer Solutions, director in the Holst Centre (Eindhoven) and CEO of IMEC-Netherlands.  Since 2009 he heads the Unit Smart Systems and Energy Technology as Senior Vice President in the IMEC international group.  He is visiting professor at the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience at the TU Delft.




The SEMI TechBRIEFING sessions provide valuable information on high-tech related topics. Short and interactive, these quarterly briefings provide representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, Permanent Representations, and media with an overview on topics aligned with Europe’s priorities in relation to ICT.


The session is composed of an expert presentation followed by a Q&A session. The presentation typically includes:

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