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6 - 8 March 2016 - Nice, France

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ISS Europe 2015

IoT - A New Era of Innovation for Europe

Date: 22 - 24 February 2015
Location: NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Since the beginning of the computing age, Silicon and Moore’s Law were the drivers for the breathtaking innovations in the entire electronics industry. Thanks to the continuous shrinkage of line-widths combined with new device architecture and new materials, the cost per transistor was drastically reduced and new functionality added. This has paved the way towards new electronic products and applications that billions of people are enjoying through their smartphones, tablets and many other electronic devices.



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However, continuing the path of cost reduction in combination with higher value for the products will significantly increase development and reduce manufacturing costs. This, in turn, has led to major consolidation among device makers as well as equipment and material suppliers. Beside the endeavors to continue Moore’s Law, More than Moore applications have emerged rapidly and became an important part of the micro-device market. To keep Moore’s Law going will need effort from the entire micro-device industry by combining both advanced semiconductors together with application near device architectures, packed into cost-effective packages, smaller and thinner than ever.
While the above natural forces are in play there is no doubt that the number of devices will increase in the years to come. Miniaturization, not only of advanced semiconductor devices but also sensors, actuators and others have opened up new applications in our day to day life.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a third and likely bigger wave to what we have seen in the previous disruptive technologies and markets. While the fixed internet connected one billion users via personal computers and the smartphones more than 5 billion people, the IoT is expected to connect more than 25 billion of “things” to the internet by 2020.
ISS 2015 will explore the continuation of the mainstream advanced technologies from economic, market, technology, and manufacturing perspectives. In addition, the conference will look at new market drivers such as healthcare, mobility, energy and address the drivers for the Internet of Things area yet to come. Once again an impressive line-up of speakers from top rated companies will share with you their strategic views to support semiconductor industry executives set their strategies to navigate this exciting and rapidly changing environment.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this future oriented conference in the exciting city of Amsterdam.


About ISS Europe:

The SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium – ISS Europe – gathers prominent industry experts from around the world to define future market demands and customer requirements to help guide your strategic business plans. Key leaders and forecasters provide a comprehensive view on current business developments within the European microelectronics community. The market data is complemented by a panel discussion with a diverse group of manufacturers, focusing on the issues for successful device manufacturing in Europe.

Don’t miss this exciting and thought-provoking conference. The information presented at ISS has been the industry’s most influential annual planning data for nearly three decades.


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