Semiconductors and Sustainability

Semiconductors and Sustainability

Energy and sustainability have been pervasive topics for quite some time, but now are in the forefront of the media and industry mindset. Major governments around the globe are incorporating initiatives for the advancement of new solar technologies into various economic stimulus packages. In addition, we see regional initiatives such as the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan becoming more commonplace.

SEMI is very involved in these initiatives. With last year’s launch of PV Group and the creation of the SOLARCON brand of expositions— as well as the association’s work on PV standards, public policy and EHS initiatives— SEMI is well-positioned to support future and existing members in the next phase of growth in the PV industry.

SEMI has established working groups around the world. These are composed of industry volunteers, actively addressing energy conservation and efficiency issues. Conferences, workshops and meetings are held on a regular basis. In fact, as early as 2005, under the auspices of the SEMI International Standards Program, SEMI S23 was developed as a guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

Recently, SEMI was invited to participate in a report by the European Commission on this subject matter. The report entitled “ICT and Energy Efficiency—The Case for Manufacturing,” explores voluntary agreements with the industry to raise energy efficiency. Another report published recently by ESIA titled “Semiconductors: Enabling Sustainability Living in 21st Century Europe,” reviews the impact that semiconductor devices have, and the benefits they provide toward facilitating sustainable living. I encourage you to review these important reports.

Semiconductor devices are ubiquitous technologies that enable a seemingly endless range of products. Now, they are becoming core elements in the development of these sustainable technologies as well by creating products that enable the more efficient use of energy throughout all aspects of our daily lives. SEMI EHS ( and the PV Group ( will continue to leverage global resources and expertise to support technological advancements in energy and sustainability.

Heinz Kundert

March 4, 2009